Flexible LED Instrument Lights - Red/White 24V Dual Color

Part# 11-08410
MFR Model# W001-DUAL R/W


Dimmable LEDs encased in a flexible resin strip, Identical to standard Flexible LED strips but with twice the LEDs. Permits independent control of the RED and White or Blue and White colors.


  • Dimmable LEDs encased in a flexible resin strip.
  • Identical to standard Flexible LED strips but with twice the LEDs.
  • Permits independent control of the RED and White or Blue and White colors.
  • Ideal for using White lights for loading/unloading or in cloudy conditions and MIX or use of colored lighting during dusk or night conditions.
  • 35" length, 3/8" width and 1mm high. Installs in minutes with double-sided tape
  • Power consumption no greater than 160mA.


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Excellant product

Barry P Verified Purchase


February 7, 2022

Fantastic to have either color. The white are really bright to make preflight, atis, etc easy, and the red are perfect for that cruise phase of flight. Unfortunately, my strip has a bunch of lights that are burned out after only a few years and obviously only a few hundred hours operation. Disappointing, for LEDs to quit after such a short time. Some of them do come back on after a warm up period of operation. Im buying another set to have when they totally crap out. No problems whatsoever with the adhesion.

Tony R
March 30, 2018

lights are great but the adhesive on the strips does not work at all. Plan on an alternative attach method.

Brad F
October 15, 2015


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Q: Can I use this item with a 12V system? If not, is there an alternate item - red/white for 12V?

No, you cannot use this in a 12v system. However, we do offer a 12v version. Keyword search for 11-05511, which is our part # for the 12v version, to find it.

Q: Can this LED strip light be cut to length?

Yes, this strip can be cut to length.

Q: What is the part number?

Part # 11-08410.

Q: How does the switching between the red & white color works? Does it switch between the colors each time it gets power or do we need to install a switch to change from one color to the other?

Per the manufacturer: The product has 2 separate power wires - one for Red LEDs and one for White LEDs. You can use one of the dimmers, such as our 2-channel dimmer (part # 11-10783) or you can wire them to a variety of different types of on/off switches (sold separately). Part # 11-10783 is recommended.

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