Fuel Probe 12V-24V 3 Inch Bend 0-5V

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The probe is constructed of concentric tubing (a small tube inside a larger tube). The tubes, which are separated by small insulators to keep the tubes from touching, acts as a capacitor that has one value in air (empty tank) and changes in value as the fuel level rises inside the probe. The amplifier converts these values to a signal suitable to drive a standard meter or other display device. Can be manually calibrated. See Documents tab.
12-24 Volts
12 or 24 inches with 3 inch bend



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Q: Does this fuel probe have a standard SAE 5-hold bolt pattern?

Yes this has the 5 hole pattern. We suggest having the product in front of you before making any changes or modifications.

Q: Is the probe sensitive to fuel level if this level is between bend mark circle and the head?

Per the datasheet, the outer tube is simply a ground for the inner tube that does the sensing.

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