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ISS FUEL LEVEL SENDER RIGHT TANK 6-12" 33-240 OHM NON TSO 10-01101 $46.50
ISS FUEL LEVEL SENDER LEFT TANK 6-12" 33-240 OHM NON TSO 10-01099 $47.95
ISS FUEL LEVEL FLOAT ONLY 33-240 OHM NON TSO 10-02079 $13.65
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This quality line of engine gauges will provide an affordable engine monitoring package for experimental aircraft. Hundreds of these gauges are flying today in various homebuilts worldwide. Used extensively in Vans RV line of aircraft.
NOTE: Our gauges do not include our company name or logo on the face.

270 Sweep Electric Gauges.
High Quality Movements in Injection Molded Cases.
Standard Aircraft 2-1/4" Hole and Mounting Pattern.
Internally Lit (12V only).
Electric Design Uses Tranducers and Senders No pressurized Fuel and Oil in the Cabin.
Wires Attach with Nuts (Included) to 6-32 Studs on Instrument. No Spade Fittings.
Cases have Brass Inserts for the #6 Mounting Screws. No Need for Instrument "Grasshopper" nuts.
Clear and Sharp Lettering with the Appropriate Operating Arcs and Redlines Screened Directly on the Face.
Works with Standard Stewart Warner Match Transducers.
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Q: Why is there a right tank and a left tank version? How are they different?

Per the supplier: The 385C-F has what is referred to as a right hand swing to the float arm. If you hold the sender, mounting plate up, with the two holes that are closer together pointing towards your belly. The swing arm will swing to your right side. Do the same with part #385B-F and the swing arm will swing to your left. I hope this helps.

Q: I would like to know if the fuel level is interchangeable with the item 10-03419.

No, these items are not interchangeable.

Q: Would part number 10-01502 work with this for final installation in a fuel tank?

We have added a drawing to the documents tab for part 10-01502. Please review this file for specific compatibility.

Q: Will this ISS sender work with the Dynon Skyview?

Dynon recommends using Dynon probed with the Skyview system.

Q: What does the number 6-12 in PN 10-01099 mean?

It is referring to the size available. It can be used as a 6 inch or 12 inch depending on your tank.

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