Precision Pacmo-GTR Grumman Tiger / Cheetah Mount

Part# 10-07936


Note: Compass not included.

Custom mount for use in Grumman Tiger, Cheetah.
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It didnt fit because I didnt install it right, another Grumman owner pointed it out, it actually fit perfect.

Daniel J
December 23, 2019

This is probably an unfair rating, it said it would fit a Grumman AA5 Tiger, and I have a Grumman AA5 Traveler, and it didnt fit. It fits the compass card fine, but the top part with the two pre-drilled holes were too narrow and I had to add a wider piece to make it fit. My plane is 44 years old and it has had a replacement windshield, I dont know if that had anything to do with it. But it took me about an hour to find a scrap piece of aluminum and bolt it on so it was wide enough, then I drilled my own two holes to make it fit. Not a deal breaker, but if I was paying a mechanic to do it, it d be at least another hours worth of labor. I like the compass though, very big easy numbers to see, I would still buy it again.

Dan M
July 25, 2019


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