Radiant Fuel Gauge For Resistive Or Float Based Fuel-Gen 2

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Part# 10-07487
MFR Model# RFGA-022R-GEN2


Radiant Fuel Gauge For Resistive or Float Based Fuel- Gen 2

The GEN-2 Radiant Fuel Guage is designed to work with either one or two industry standard resistive probes, which are often referred to as float style probes. The current fuel level is shown as a standard dial for one or two tanks, along with a digital representation for each tank.

The RADIANT Single or Dual Tank Fuel Gauge shows current contents of one or two tanks and the system voltage. Time to Empty is automatically calibrated. Works with: float probes, capacitance probes, also Radiant fuel probes. Shows fuel consumption trend from two tanks over the last 15 minutes.

RADIANT GEN-2 instrument line combines many functions into simple, small, lightweight units. The new instruments utilize sunlight readable full color high contrast LCD screens which are also friendly with sunglasses. Some of these new units feature a RADIANT crafted feature: persistence. This features displays the last history of the information. For example, the last 15 minutes of fuel level information is shown graphically along with the current fuel level. This provides the pilot with the ability to look at information on the display screen and make better informed decisions, as opposed to the lack of history provided by traditional steam gauges.
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Q: What is the resistive range this will work with? My sending untits are 70 ohm emtpy and 10 full. How many points can be programmed in?

The gauge can be programmed for full and empty, there are no intermediary points programmed.