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Sirs Pegasus Panel Mount Compasses Lit (TSO'd)

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Pegasus compass utilizes the most advanced technology and manufacturing methods to produce the most accurate compass in the industry. It utilizes high quality components throughout, including Silicone rubber seals, metal expansion bellows, and Tungsten Carbide pivots. The Pegasus has a high-visibility spherical display, and can be viewed over a 140 arc instead of the standard 90. Fits standard 2-1/4" panel hole (by 2-1/4" deep) and weighs only 30% of a typical liquid compass. The "Pegasus" is fully TSO and ETSO approved; it comes in blue/ white lighted; 3-year warranty.


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Q: Can the SIRS PEGASUS PANEL MOUNT COMPASSES (TSO'd) Part Number: 10-00498 be mounted in the VERTICAL COMPASS UNIVERSAL MOUNTING BRACKET, Part # 10-04175?

The SIRS Peagaus Panel Mount Compass PN: 10-00498 would fit the universal mounting bracket PN: 10-04175.

Q: Are the correction key and mounting screws included with the Sirs Pegasus panel mount compass?

The correction key is included with the compass. No mounting hardware is included. Standard instrument screws should be used.

Q: Are the lighted Sirs Pegasus compasses dimmable?

Yes, you can connect to a rheostat to dim the backlighting.

Q: Do these Sirs Pegasus compasses ship with 8130-3 approval?

These are FAA TSO approved and ship with an EASA Form 1.

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