Tempest New Dry Air Vacuum Pump AA244CW-10

Part# 10-01990
MFR Model# AA244CW-10


Each pump is meticulously and professionally hand assembled to insure proper tolerances and clearances. This assures optimum performance. After assembly, each pump is functionally tested. After this initial testing, the pump is then disassembled, inspected for any unusual wear or abnormalities, and reassembled for a second test run. This extensive testing procedure assures that only first-class products leave our facility.

Application Guide

Improved (inlet and outlet) stator porting reduces peak loads and improves airflow. "Bi-polar" pumping action helps maintain balanced rotor loading, reduces wear, and extends life. The BY-PASS rotor design helps reduce FOD damage and sticking vanes. Chemically impregnated vanes and rotor increase natural lubricity, resist heat damage, and extend life.

Heat-treated, stainless steel, conical pressure plate spring and torsional dampening springs provide harmonics-free pressure plate control, and smooth temperature compensation. Stainless steel pressure plates in 240 and 400 series pumps are hardened, precision ground, and lapped to reduce internal leakage and wear. Internal wear surfaces are finished "ultra hard" (RC equivalent 65 or better) for extended life and low friction. Mount flange designed with extra strong support post to prevent cracking.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



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