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Part# 11-17555
MFR Model# UAX-90051-01


"Retro-Fit" Your Cockpit with a Digital Upgrade.

Upgrade your legacy vacuum-driven instrument to digital precision attitude and directional gyro customizable display.


  • 12-In-1 Functionality:
  • Primary Attitude
  • Primary Slip
  • Primary Direction Indication
  • Probeless Angle of Attack (AOA)
  • Indicated Airspeed (KTS / MPH)
  • Altitude / Vertical Trend / Alerter
  • +8 / -8 G-Meter
  • OAT / TAS / Density Altitude (Requires OAT Probe - sold separately)
  • Bus Voltage
  • GPS Navigational Data Overlay (Requires GPS Navigator Interface)
  • GPS HSI / 360 Rose / Arc Map Mode
  • Customizable Colors, Fonts, & Layout
  • Audio Alerts (AOA, G, Roll Limits)


  • Input Voltage Nominal: +10 to +32 VDC
  • Input Voltage Max: +60 VDC
  • Input Power Nominal: 6 Watts (0.5 Amps @ 12VDC)
  • Input Power Max: 12 Watts (1.0 Amps @ 12VDC)
  • Required Circuit Breaker: 2 Amp
  • Operation on Battery: 2 Hours Typ @ 20°C / 30 Minutes Min @ -20C

  • Physical Attributes
    • Mounting Configuration: 3 1/8” Round Instrument Hole
    • Dimensions wo/Connector: 3.38 x 3.38 x 1.6 Inches
    • Weight: 0.50 Lbs.
    • Electrical Connector: 15 Pin Male D-Sub
    • Pneumatic Connectors: ¼” OD Quick Connect
    • Mounting: (4X) #6-32 Machine Screws
    • Case Material: Billet Aluminum
  • Environmental
    • Operating Temp: -20°C to +55°C
    • Storage Temp (48 Hrs): -30°C to +80°C
    • Humidity (48 Hrs): 90% RH
  • Display
    • Diagonal Size: 3” Circular
    • Contrast Ratio (Typical): 500
    • Brightness (Typical): 1000 cd/m2
    • Viewing Angle Left/Right:60°
    • Viewing Angle Up: 45°
    • Viewing Angle Down: 10°
    • Backlight Lifetime (Typical): 50,000 Hrs


Cutting Edge Technology Without the Cutting
  • AV-30 fits in your existing 3” panel slot seamlessly. By mounting from behind, it preserves the “round dial” look, and eliminates the need for cutting or replacing your panel.
Probeless Angle of Attack (AOA) - Avoid Stalls
  • The AV-30 alerts you visually and aurally if you approach a dangerous AoA. AoA is calculated by comparing the aircraft’s pitch, flight path, and G-loading.

In The Box

  • AV-30 Experimental
  • Harness
  • Install hardware
  • Mounting bracket
  • Accessories
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Bench tested only so far, but appears to be everything hoped for. Moderately easy to set up.

September 11, 2020

The av-30 provides a lot of information in one instrument. AS, Artificial Horizon, Altimeter, vertical trend, voltage, directional gyro, and more. You are able to configure the V speeds. Con’s limited navigation tracking. There is a av-30 simulator on the uavionix website. I was able to get familiar with the unit before it was installed. All-in-all, the instrument meets my expectations.

Victor M
July 18, 2020

Really impressive fonctionnalties .Excellent lightning and reading. Have to confirm when airborne.Not yet installed in my panel because still unable to find install menu to set Vspeeds,speed units and barrio units. Not clearly shown in the on line manual. Matter of time.

Jeff B
June 11, 2020

VERY SIMPLE to install, performance outstanding, great addition to my panel to replace legacy vac gyros, and looks great

Mike G
December 13, 2019

It is a very good instrament and I would give it 5 stars if the AOA would be more accurate. However it is an inferred AOA (Probeless) and i may not have it set up right... It is a very nice guage for the money and the artificial horizon does work very well!

David S
July 27, 2020

Supposed to show vertical speed. I can’t find it. Supposed to be able to adjust for angled panel, it almost does.

Joe S
April 20, 2020


Q: At manual for AV-30 written that IAS units can be only KTS and MPH. Is it possible to add KMH? The same question fot ALT units, it is only Feet. Is it possible to add Meters?

Per the manufacturer: these will not display KMH.

Q: Good morning, I'm planning to visit the 2020 Sun Fun and pick up an AV-30 CERTIFIED at your booth, obviously ordered in time. Do you think the instrument will be ready certified for that time?

There is a certified version of this unit. Please see Part# 11-17556. We are expecting first delivery of the certified version in January of 2020. Part # 11-17555 will not become certified, it will only be for experimental so for certified applications, be sure to order 11-17556.

Q: The manual indicates the AOA has a slow speed limit of 35 knots. I am looking at putting it on an experimental aircraft with a stall speed of 30 statute miles an hour. What happens to the instrument reading when you go below 35 knots?

Because the limit is 35 knots, it will not display anything until it is over that speed.

Q: Does the Uavionix AV-30 unit show bank angle (or at least some of the common points 15/30/60)?

No. This unit does not show bank angle.

Q: Will the AV-30 link with a Tru-Trk auto pilot like the 2020 planned S-Tec adapter can it be used on other brand auto pilot?

At this moment we do not have this information available as Uavionix has not released this information.

Q: When in HSI mode can this Uavionix AV30 unit display vertical guidance from a GPS for an LPV approach?

Per Uavionix: there is no vertical guidance at all. There is only the horizontal steering indicator when in DG Mode.

Q: Will the AV-30 unit show speed limits (Green, White, Yellow arc, Vne red line) etc. I didnt find it in the specifications)

Yes, the gauge will have a green and red arc for the indicated airspeed.

Q: Does this pair with the Garmin 495 Gps?

No, this does not interface to the portable Garmin GPS.

Q: Does the AV30 have an internal GPS?

No. Per the installation manual, it can function without a GPS signal, however it will require a GPS signal for full functionality. The GPS signal must be supplied to the unit, it is not internal.

Q: Does AV30 (Experimental) pair with the Garmin 150XL GPS?

Per the manufacturer installation manual Rev A. the AV-30 is not a compatible unit to pair with the Garmin 150XL GPS.

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