From $0.36 to $15.00
O.D. (in.) Wall Thickness Max. Working Pressure*
PN Price Per Ft. Price Per 50Ft. Buy
1/8 .025 1820 03-40200 $0.36 $14.40
3/16 .028 880 03-40300 $0.43 $17.20
1/4 .032 795 03-40400 $0.47 $18.80
5/16 .035 630 03-40500 $0.68 $27.20
3/8 .035 520 03-40600 $0.76 $30.40
1/2 .035 390 03-40700 $0.88 $35.20
5/8 .035 305 03-40800 $0.96 $38.40
Subtotal $0.00
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Soft aluminum tubing for instrument air and vacuum lines, fuel and oil lines, and primer lines

If mfg test reports are required there is a minimum $15.00 charge per order. Charge is higher if more than 5 items. P/N is “certs” - please indicate at time of order in the special instructions box.

*Safety factor of 2.
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Very easy to work and with happy with quality

Ron S
May 14, 2020

It was perfect for the fuel line project.

Jon G
April 30, 2020

Outstanding that you give a discount on the purchase of a full coil. Thank you!!!

Alan A
April 9, 2020

Awesome. Used it to replace fuel tank line on my J-3. Easy to work with compared to copper tubing

Jim J
March 5, 2020

Great company, good prices and super service.

Larry H
January 26, 2020

Looks great, havent installed yet though

Jerry C
December 17, 2019

as described

Darrin T
December 1, 2019

As advertised

November 2, 2019

easy to bend and straighten out. Cost less than at performance auto shops.

Darrin T
September 23, 2019

A quality product and they are always quick with fulfilling my orders.

Jeffrey P
August 5, 2019


Q: Do you have specs for weight per foot on the 1/8 and 1/4 aluminum versatube?

The 1/8 inch is approximately .009 lbs per ft and the 1/4 inch is approximately .026 lbs per foot.

Q: Is this soft and bendable like copper tubing?

Per the tech: short answer is yes. It is very similar in terms bend-ability to copper tubing.

Q: I need to use this for fuel line. Can it be flared to seal on AN fittings?

Yes, 3003-O can be flared for use with AN fittings.

Q: The photo shows this 3003 is coiled. Can it be shipped straight?

No, but 5052-0 alum tube is soft and is sold as straight tube. Not as soft as 3003, but can be bent and flared.

Q: Oops, I found the working pressures!

Ok great, we are glad you found the info you were looking for.

Q: What is the ID of PN 03-40700? My fuel lines are 3/8 ID so I am debating between the 1/2 inch OD vs. 3/8 OD.

03-40700 is 1/2" x .035" tube. I.D. is approx. .43".

Q: Can this 3003-0 tubing be used on GA aircraft? Does it have any FAA approval paperwork?

If a maintenance/repair manual of a certified aircraft requires 3003-0 aluminum tube, then this can be used. It, like most raw materials, do not have an FAA approval, but meet material specifications, and this cert can be purchased. If required, the material cert must be ordered with the material, at the time of order.

Q: Can this tube be used as a brake line on an experimental aircraft?

This is commonly used in experimental brake applications.

Q: Which bender works best on versatube? For 90 degree bends specifically.

The Imperial 470-FH should work great, our part number is 12-01042.

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