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A structural resin filler. The mixture of cotton fiber and epoxy is referred to as "flox". The mixture is used in structural joints and in areas where a very hard, durable buildup is required. Flox is mixed in much the same way as dry micro but only about two parts flock to one part epoxy is required. Mix in just enough flock to make the mixture stand up. If "wet flox" is called out, mix it so it will sag or run. Flox is often used to reinforce a sharp corner. Paint a light coat of pure epoxy inside the corner, trowel flox in to make a triangular support. The flox corner is done just before one glass surface is applied for a wet bond to one surface.
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Q: Is flocked cotton already mixed with the epoxy? or is it mixed with epoxy when you want to set it. thanks

This is a raw material. No epoxy or any other resin has been added to it. The end user will need to add it to a catalyzed resin system as a filler.

Q: are these fibers long like hairs and wound into a ball or are they little separate bits? Thanks

It is not like a strands of hair. It is ground cotton fibers, like a heavy powder.

Q: If I mix this with acrylic paint, will it dry hard and be brittle? Are there any issues with it being mixed with acrylic paint to thicken?

This is a filler used for epoxy laminating resins. There is no data to know how using this filler will affect any other material.

Q: I have a couple questions in regards to your cotton flock. 1. Is it in a powder form? 2. What is the size distribution? Is it below 20 microns? 3. Are there any additives to the cotton fibers or is it natural cotton? Thank you, Crystal Le

Yes, this is in powder form. | Fiber Length: Approx. 320 microns (typically 150-500 microns) | Fiber Width: 10-25 micron (1-3 Denier). | Per the tech data sheet, I are no additives to the cotton fibers.

Q: Does flocked cotton have a shelf life?

The shelf life is 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Q: What epoxy should I use with this? It’s to fill the stabilizer fiberglass tips on a RV7.

There is not a specific epoxy to be used, many laminating epoxies can be used. A common epoxy system used is West Systems, but any of the epoxies we offer will work.

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