Part# 04-02096
MFR Model# C86-4
Part No.
Female / MalePart No.
C86-4-8 / -604-02096


Light weight aluminum adapters by Phenix Industries are designed for leak-proof sealing with any manufacturers hose ends.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


excellent and saved the day.

Aerodynamic C
April 25, 2019

While it doesn’t state so, this is a 2-piece “swivel” fitting so don’t be surprised. Talking to manufacturer, the two-piece swivel fitting is required for aviation applications because the male side is allowed to swivel (or rotate) after locking into the male fitting you have inserted into female side. The female side then is allowed to turn around the male fitting you have inserted. If it wasn’t two part swivel, the mating surfaces would score each other as you tightened down, increasing risk of leak. So two piece swivel, C431-4, is what you want for aviation.

Mike V
January 31, 2018

Very nice item! Great quality and very use full in changing to a different size. I have used 4 on my build

James E
March 6, 2017

Ordered 2 of these. Same part number on package but they were different parts. The shape of the fittings were different and one had an O-ring. They were functionally the same but obviously not...

Jeffrey S
May 29, 2017


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Q: Is this a flare to flare fitting or does it require an O-ring in the -4 female to -4 male flare fitting?

This does not require an O-Ring. When you screw this together, it should be able to seal itself just fine.

Q: Is the C431-4 a female -4 flare to a male -3 flare?

Per the listed chart, that is correct. C431-4 has a -4 female, and -3 male thread.

Q: is there a -6 female to -8 male fitting?

Yes, our part number 04-02101.

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