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Part# 08-04444
MFR Model# RG-200PR-4


These kits from Real Gasket Corp replace problematic pushrod tubes of continental engine models: A-65, A-75, C-75/85/90/125/145, 0-200, 0-300 and GO-300. The installation does not require loosing or removal of the cylinder and converts it to an "independently serviceable" spring loaded pushrod tube system, similar to IO-470, IO-520, and IO-550 continental engines. It also allows access and service to the lifters.

Compressor Tool VSC-1 08-13615 is required except for gasket installation (not included in kit).

The kit is designed for easy installation and uses real gasket's FAA-PMA pushrod tube seals as used in the continental IO-470, IO-520 and IO-550 engines. For certified aircraft engines. This is a log entry, no special paperwork is required.

Kits include new push-rod tubes.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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I installed this kit when I replaced the cylinders on my C-85, because I am sick and tired of the leaky factory pushrod tube boots. The kit is fairly straightforward to install, but be aware, you MUST use the correct spring compressor tool, and follow the instructions to the letter. Its very easy to tear or cut the seals if you arent careful, and that is what causes these kits to leak. Ive installed two of these sets so far, and I couldnt be happier.

Ryan C Verified Purchase


July 6, 2022

Do you make a kit for a 360 lycoming

Ralph M
June 4, 2022

I installed this on my 0-200. Relatively easy to install with my mechanic. Definitely recommend the compressor tool.

Stephanie H Verified Purchase


June 1, 2022

This item is a vast improvement over the old design of the Continental O-200A push tubes with those horrible spring clips and partially effective boots. Oil seepage was eliminated almost entirely. At same time we installed new Real Gaskets Rocker covers which eliminated seepage there. Getting ready to build two more engines and using these sets up front. Highly recommend Real Gaskets products throughout the engine.

Pugetsoundflyers, I Verified Purchase


November 23, 2021

Fitted Real Pushrod Tube Kit to an 0-200 engine in an early Lancair. Prior to fitment using about .5 litre in 10 hours which was all over the cowl inside and on the belly. Now done 3 hours not showing any signs of oil leaks. As the engine only had 70 hour since overhaul I choose not to remove the follower housing and followers instead making a valve spring hold down tool from a piece of light steel angle clamping the valves using two tappet cover screw holes -worked well in refitting the rocker shaft without having to remove oil from the hydraulic lifters.

Chris M Verified Purchase


June 18, 2021

Great kit. Installed over the past few days as I did a full re-seal on my C-90. With this kit and a host of new gaskets, I am finally leak free (for now).

Steven A
April 11, 2020

I have just installed these on 2 cylinders. Quick call to Chris at REAL Seals and he gave me some tips and tricks to make the installation go super smooth. ACS was quick to ship and they arrived in perfect condition!

Classic A
March 1, 2019

Kit to stop leaks, excellent instructions, price was very good also. This kit sure beats Continental kit price

Flying D
December 21, 2018

Ordered a complet set for my O-300-A. After disassembly of exhaust, intake manifold and rockers, removal of old tubes were cut with a saws-all. Old tubes came out with a little effort, but easily. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. I read them about 5 times before it really sank in. Once I got started, everything made sense. Do only one cylinder at a time. Kits are well made and complete. Must use their installation spring compressor. Consider it part of the cost of the job. All parts are FAA/PMA so only a log book entry required. Tubes work on all Continental engines A-65 through O-300 series (See AML). This is the answer to leaky OEM push rod tubes.

Jim F
January 22, 2018

I would like a price on a complete engine kit for the a65 Continental ground power unit the engine I have is stamped with an E 237 I have researched it as far back as it being a 1961 unit it has one mag

Al A
November 15, 2017


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Q: Are these Real Pushrod Tube Conversion Kits for Continentals FAA Approved?

Yes, they are FAA Approved.

Q: The push rod tube kits are FAA approved, but do they require an STC?

The STC paperwork is included in the package with the pushrod tube conversion kits for continentals.

Q: Does this kit, part # 08-04444, include everything needed for 4 cylinders tubes, springs and seals?

Yes, this kit includes tubes, springs, and seals.

Q: Will these fit Superior Millennium cylinders?

This can be used on the millennium cylinders IF they are the old style swage tube type.

Q: Regarding 4 Cylinder Engines. Does one Kit cover all four cylinders or does it require four kits?

For a 4 cylinder engine, you should order 08-04444 x qty 1.

Q: It says no special paperwork required, but wouldnt this STCd kit require a 337 form to be completed and submitted?

The STC covers the install, no 337 would be required.