Part# 08-05685
MFR Model# AFC-K008-C
DescriptionMFR Part No.PN
Remote Oil Filter KitK008-C08-05685


Remote Oil Filter Kits - Continental Engines

STC'd for ALL aircraft powered by A50 through IO550 Continental Engines.

Perfect for tight installations in ALL aircraft manufactured by:
Aeronca, Aircoupe, Beech, Bellanca, Cessna, Luscombe, Maule, Meyer, Mooney, Navion, Piper, Twin Commander, and many others. Many piston aircraft came equipeed with and still only have an oil screen. Oil screens do nothing to protect your engine- particles larger than 20 microns (.001) will cuase damage.
Oil screens have one purpose- to catch particles when the engine starts making metal

Hoses & Clamps not included unless where indicated.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


  • Keeps your Oil Clean!
  • Extends Engine life
  • Extend oil changes from 25 to 50 hours
  • Traps tiny particles which can be found during filter element inspections so you know you have a problem before its too late
  • Filters oil before the oil cooler keeping any particles in the engine from ruining the oil cooler
  • Puts the oil filter in a much more easily accessible location-
  • Oil changes take minutes not hours/
  • Ends Messy oil changes
  • Protects your $11,000 fan shaft pinion gear.
  • Reduces engine temps by 20F
  • Kits Weighs less then 5 lbs

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Excellent product. We tried using the other oil filter adapters for our C-182Q but the positioning between the engine mount and cross-firewall brace was barely 1/8. This product met our need and will make oil changes a breeze in the future.

Jonathan W Verified Purchase


November 24, 2023

Just a heads up. My advice: order the -A kit for the O-300, GO-300 and the C series engines because it includes the oil temperature adapter fittings you will need. I believe there is a mistake on the application chart, grouping these engines with the 360 series engines (totally different) when they should all be together with the -A kit group. The mfr is looking into this but it can take some time to get the changes made.

June 17, 2021

Need to specify the kit does not include the hoses. Ad shows hoses included.

Xavier M
October 8, 2020

The final installed product is great. The O-300 kit however does not include the parts needed to attach the oil temp probe. That should be included in the kit as every O-300 that I know of has the oil temp probe going into the oil screen. Getting the required parts has been a pain in the neck. Airwolf customer service gave us the runaround and kept passing the buck until I finally nailed down a sales guy with the drawings and pointed out exactly which parts we needed which will end up costing us another hundred bucks. Good product, lousy customer service.

April 10, 2020

As others have stated this is not a straight forward project by any stretch of the imagination. First, good luck finding a mechanic who wants to deal with this complicated install. There’s a reason oem’s don’t use these. Second, i finally found a shop willing to do the install. Per the STC they want you to order the hoses from air wolf. One guy on here said they only wanted $175 a hose. Well they told my mechanic shop it would be $2,000 for two lines per engine (4 total hoses.) So now we’re talking well over $4,000 total to install oil filters on an airplane. To say this is insane is an understatement. Keep it simple - add the filters to the engine directly and avoid all of this insane nonsense.

Jared C
July 14, 2023

Perhaps its all in the ad and I shouldve read more carefully. For some stupid reason, I expected a universal filter relocation kit for my continental 0–300 to actually be a filter relocation kit. So, what was missing? Answer: the lines that run from the engine to the filter. That makes this a bag of hardware instead of a filter relocation kit. Total cost $588. But wait, theres always more! I called Airwolf. Time to do a little more math. They wanted $175 EACH for the lines. That turns this filter relocation kit for my Continental O–300 into a $940 proposition. Of course, its general aviation. Someones always got their hand in your wallet! Sometimes its expected and even understandable. Other times, not so much. This was one of those times when I just lack understanding. My answer: send it back and get an F&M kit. I just got the filter kit for my Continental engine today. It looks like a much more substantial product then the Airwolf bag of parts. Add in the fact that there are far fewer moving parts and what appears to be a more substantial housing for the filter and Im excited about this product! Yeah, my filter will sit next to the motor, but it stands far enough away that Ill be able to achieve the same result and be $500+ back to the green... and thats a whole lot of aviating.

Don W
June 22, 2017


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Q: Which Champion oil filter fits the Airwolf Remote Oil Filter Kit part# 08-05685? The kit is being installed on a Continental IO520 engine. Please provide the part number for the correct Champion filter.

The kit comes with a Champion Ch48109.

Q: Does this include the fittings and hoses?

This kit does not come with hoses. Hose length is determined by where the installer chooses to locate the kit on the firewall.

Q: What filter is included in the KitK008-G PN: 08-05805?

These would ship with Champion CH48108-1 filters.

Q: What filter is included in Kit K008-B (Part number 08-05680)?

These come with a CH48108-1 filter but you can also use the longer CH48109-1 filter if you have the space.

Q: What is included in kit? What is the oil line fitting sizes? Can you provide oil line and fitting part numbers to purchases ?

The kit comes with everything you will need except hoses. The AFC-K008-A has size 10 fittings.

Q: Which oil filter is used on the Airwolf AFC-K008-C kit?

Ch48108 or the longer ch48109. Either would work depending on how much room you have under the cowling.

Q: What size are the hose fittings on kit part # 08-05675?

This kit is for size -10 lines.

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