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Remote Oil Filter Kit K008-A 08-05675 $595.00
Remote Oil Filter Kit K008-B 08-05680 $595.00
Remote Oil Filter Kit K008-C 08-05685 $595.00
Remote Oil Filter Kit K008-D 08-05690 $595.00
Remote Oil Filter Kit K008-E 08-05700 $595.00
Remote Oil Filter Kit K008-F 08-05800 $759.00
Remote Oil Filter Kit K008-G 08-05805 $595.00
Remote Oil Filter Kit K008-H 08-05810 $595.00
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Remote Oil Filter Kits - Continental Engines

STC'd for ALL aircraft powered by A50 through IO550 Continental Engines.

Perfect for tight installations in ALL aircraft manufactured by:
Aeronca, Aircoupe, Beech, Bellanca, Cessna, Luscombe, Maule, Meyer, Mooney, Navion, Piper, Twin Commander, and many others. Many piston aircraft came equipeed with and still only have an oil screen. Oil screens do nothing to protect your engine- particles larger than 20 microns (.001”) will cuase damage.
Oil screens have one purpose- to catch particles when the engine starts making metal

Hoses & Clamps not included unless where indicated.


  • Keeps your Oil Clean!
  • Extends Engine life
  • Extend oil changes from 25 to 50 hours
  • Traps tiny particles which can be found during filter element inspections so you know you have a problem before it’s too late
  • Filters oil before the oil cooler keeping any particles in the engine from ruining the oil cooler
  • Puts the oil filter in a much more easily accessible location-
  • Oil changes take minutes not hours/
  • Ends Messy oil changes
  • Protects your $11,000 fan shaft pinion gear.
  • Reduces engine temps by 20F
  • Kits Weighs less then 5 lbs

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Perhaps its all in the ad and I shouldve read more carefully. For some stupid reason, I expected a universal filter relocation kit for my continental 0–300 to actually be a filter relocation kit. So, what was missing? Answer: the lines that run from the engine to the filter. That makes this a bag of hardware instead of a filter relocation kit. Total cost $588. But wait, theres always more! I called Airwolf. Time to do a little more math. They wanted $175 EACH for the lines. That turns this filter relocation kit for my Continental O–300 into a $940 proposition. Of course, its general aviation. Someones always got their hand in your wallet! Sometimes its expected and even understandable. Other times, not so much. This was one of those times when I just lack understanding. My answer: send it back and get an F&M kit. I just got the filter kit for my Continental engine today. It looks like a much more substantial product then the Airwolf bag of parts. Add in the fact that there are far fewer moving parts and what appears to be a more substantial housing for the filter and Im excited about this product! Yeah, my filter will sit next to the motor, but it stands far enough away that Ill be able to achieve the same result and be $500+ back to the green... and thats a whole lot of aviating.

Don W
June 22, 2017


Q: Which Champion oil filter fits the Airwolf Remote Oil Filter Kit part# 08-05685? The kit is being installed on a Continental IO520 engine. Please provide the part number for the correct Champion filter.

The kit comes with a Champion Ch48109.

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