Part# 09-00439
TR-19 Thinner for Akzo Epoxy09-00439


AKZO interior epoxy primer #463.12-8 is a chemically cured 2-component epoxy primer designed to provide maximum protection from various chemicals, hydraulic fluids, aviation fuels, and corrosive causing media. Drying time to touch is 15 minutes and to recoat is 1-24 hours. Shelf life: 2yrs,Color: Green. Used extensively in military and aerospace applications and popular with aircraft builders. Uses 1 gal. of primer & 1 gal. of catalyst.
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This stuff is great. It sticks to the surface. Its a hard protective coating. It scotch brites smooth. As long as UPS doesnt damage it coming to your house, you will love this stuff.

Todd J
September 30, 2020

Product is amazing. Once cured it cannot be scratched or scraped off. Solvent resistant as I soaked my gun tips in lacquer thinner for a week and still had to scrub off dried primer (my fault as I should have cleaned the gun immediately) Original order damaged my UPS and received an email advising product was thrown away and shipper had been notified. Contacted customer service and Caroline looked up my order and immediately sent a replacement. Excellent customer service after the Sale!

October 12, 2019

I wouldn’t use anything else. 18 years ago I used this on my RV6 and on the exterior wet sanded with 600 grit and then PPG Concept top coats. That RV still looks great today. Now I’m using on my Xenos project. This is durable stuff.

December 1, 2018

This stuff is fantastic. I used PREKOTE to treat the surface and then spray the AkzoNobel. Easy to spray and mix. Drys hard as rock. Does not scratch or flake off.

John S
December 1, 2014

Love this stuff but having to buy a gallon to get a quart is expensive and wasteful. So, I buy 8 quart containers and after thorough mixing of each gallon, I pour the contents into the quart cans and reseal with the hope that I can use it all up before it dries up! I was disappointed that the color was more of an olive drab instead of the bright green in the aerosol can, however.

Larry H
March 23, 2020


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Q: Does this primer come with the activator?

Yes, this comes with an activator.

Q: What do you recommend to clean the spray gun with after spraying this?

You can use MEK for cleaning the gun.

Q: Regarding the AKZO FAST DRYING INTERIOR EPOXY PRIMER: Is the thinner required for spray application?

It is not required, but use as needed for the spray equipment, but no more than 25%.

Q: What surface preparation must be done to new bare aluminum before applying the Akzo Fast Drying Interior Epoxy Primer?

Take a look at our Alumiprep P/N#'s 09-01621 & 09-01620. There are tech data sheets listed on the web pages. This will give you the detailed information you need to prep your aluminum.

Q: Do you have an example of the color of this primer? Does it have an opaque flat finish?

We do not have a color chart for this primer. The tech data sheet calls it DN 9295 Green. It is a smooth finish, but looks like a flat milky light green color.

Q: What is the shelf life of this Akzo fast drying primer product?

24 month shelf life.

Q: Can you thin with Acetone?

Thinning is not necessary....but if customer wants to thin they can use any epoxy reducer...Thinning beyond .25% not recommended

Q: Can this be brushed on?

The data sheet only mentions spraying it as the application process.

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