Part# 11-03716
MFR Model# 01-0770024-15
MFG Model #DescriptionPart No.
A500ABV2Beech Special 24VDC, MS connector11-03716


A500A series combination strobe/tail navigation light used when the wing tip anti-collision lights are mounted in an enclosure and canít provide 360ļ of strobe coverage. It is a direct replacement for the standard tail position light. Available in a radio-shielded version. Voltage (14 or 28) and mounting (horizontal or vertical) must be specified when ordering.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Drawing Number: 70024
  • Weight: 0.3 lbs. (136gm)
  • Exposed Height: 1.7Ē (43mm)
  • Diameter: 1.5Ē (38mm)


I wish it were clear in the description how long the pigtail was.

John B
September 2, 2019


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Q: Are there replacement bulbs for the Whelen Model A500A-14?

Yes, we do stock the replacement bulbs for model A500A-14. Our part number is 11-03216.

Q: Does the Whelen A500-A require an external power supply? 14 volt 01-077024-00

Yes, the A500A Series Lightheads do require a Whelen external power supply.

Q: G'day. Can you please advise if your A500AV14 tail strobe/nav lamp part number 11-03223 is a strobe/nav combination and has the Whelen part number 01-0770024-00?

Yes, our part number 11-03223 is Whelen part number 01-0770024-00.

Q: Does this come with the wiring to hook it up to an HDCAF power supply.

Per the manufacturer: Yes, the pigtail is attached to the end of the wire which will allow you to plug into the HDCAF power supply.

Q: Radio shielded vs not radio shielded. What are the consideration in choosing one over the other?

Radio shielded is for use when the wiring must be routed near audio or data lines. This is critical when using the strobe feature of the light. In either case we recommend routing strobe wiring as far away as possible from audio/data lines.

Q: Does the A500A come with both connectors, the male and female?

This will come with 2 connectors. A 3 position pin and a 2 position pin. The extra pigtail for the 2 position pin will be included with this. As for the 3 position pin, this is going to be the strobe cable. You should already have this on your aircraft but if you do not, you can purchase a 3 position socket separately which will be part number 11-03212.

Q: Does the Whelen A500ABV2 come with the Beech connectors installed? The description only states MS connector. My original is an A500ASP-V-28, P/N 01-0770024-25

No, PN 11-03716 comes only with the MS connector. Your original part number, 01-0770024-25, is our PN 11-03720 and includes no connectors.

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