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Part# 11-04231
MFR Model# MTA-106D
Alco Switch
Part No.
Micro Switch
Part No.
ContactToggle Circuit*PN


Ultra-miniature switches are rated at 6 amps at 125V AC and 4 amps at 28V DC. Solid silver contacts. Terminals are gold flashed to inhibit oxidation and to provide easier soldering.

Case material is green diallyl phthalate resin. Bushing thread size: 1/4-40, usable in panel thickness up to 1/4". Micro Switch Co. have discontinued the manufacture of the 8A and 8H type switches, so switches by alternate manufacturers will be furnished. In most instances, Alco switches will be supplied. Switches furnished complete with locking ring and attaching hardware

*See Toggle Circuit Table
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Toggle Circuit Table

Toggle Circuit

One Side Center Other Side
01 On None On
02 On Off On
04 (On) Off (On)
05 On Off (On)
06 On None (On)
*Use the "01" circuitry for On-Off switch. In hook-up, use center terminal and one side terminal. Leave other side terminal blank.

Lever/Circuit Relationship


The operating sequence above is repeated in multipole devices. Each pole has double-throw circuitry and consists of three terminals which exit at the bottom of the switch case. The keyway is a helpful reference when you are applying a switch with the momentary (ON) circuit at one of the extreme lever positions.
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AS described. As always great service

Central A Verified Purchase


May 29, 2021

Used this as my off/enable swtich for the anonymous mode of my ads-b. Works great

April 30, 2020

Received the quantity I had ordered in 3 different shipments .

September 10, 2020

What can I say, its a toggle switch. works good.

Melford H
May 17, 2019

Nice, well-made switch. I gave it four stars because what these really need is a backshell. Unused terminals create a potential short hazard if something conductive falls out of place behind the panel. Something as simple as a Mocap flexible vinyl cover with a hole for the wires to pass through would make these a five-star product.

Jim F
August 16, 2018


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Q: I just need a micro to switch between nav 1 and nav 2. I'm assuming I need the on/on, what's the difference in the only two you offer

The difference is the ability to turn both Nav's off. You do not want this feature to cause accidents so part number 11-04231 will be best for your situation.

Q: What are the switch case dimensions of part # 11-04231: Length, width, depth?

Approximate dimensions of case: 1/2" Length x 5/16" Width x 3/8" Height

Q: The circuitry shows on-off-on and on-none-on. What does the none mean. Im looking for a on-both-on switch.

None means that there is no position. For example, if the switch is on-none-on, it will have no center position. It toggles from on to on.

Q: What size wire terminals are used for these switches?

Per the manufacturer the size is .039 x .078

Q: Part number 11-04234 says DPST, looking at the spec for MTA206N it looks like it should be a DPDT?

This is a DPDT switch.

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