Part# 12-03042
MFR Model# 1180


One piece heat treated tool steel jig. Use for accurate & fast drilling of rivet holes for plate nuts. Has flexible handle design. Use for both on lug (both holes on 1 side) & two lug (holes on both sides) style nut plates - K1000 & K1100 style nutplates.

  • #6 Plate Nut Drill Jig - hole size for #6 screw
  • #8 Plate Nut Drill Jig - hole size for #8 screw
  • #10 Plate Nut Drill Jig - hole size for #10 screw
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Fast prompt delivery. As advertised

David H
February 27, 2020

If youre installing many nut plates, these things are well worth it. Just drill the pilot hole and then use the jig to drill the rivet holes. No futzing with clamps, drill bits walking and misaligned holes. The tool part is made from hard carbon or spring steel so the drill will not wallow out the holes.

Mike S
May 30, 2019


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Q: Will this work on the MK nut plates (mini)?

No. These will not work with the mini nut plates.

Q: What’s the difference between the 12-03041 and the 12-04790?

P/N# 12-03041 is for a 6-32 thread and 12-04790 is for a 6-28 thread.

Q: what size hole needs to be drilled for #8 plate

The center pin is .163 inches.

Q: Will these work with metric nutplates? i need for M4,M5, and M6 size nutplates

These nut plate drill jigs have a spacing between the rivets of .688" (17.46mm) -- and the spacing between the rivet and the screw is .344" (8.73mm) (same on both sides of the screw). The # 1160 jig has a pilot pin for the screw hole and the pin diameter is .139" diameter (3.53mm)

Q: Which nut plate drill jig would I need for a 04-00162 nut plate? These are the MK1000-04 anchor nut.

We do not offer a drilling jig for a 4-40 sized anchor nut.

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