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Part# 12-16700
MFR Model# 19M-15X
15xStrut Service Tool12-16700


The 15X Strut Pump was designed for high pressure output. It is a pressure multiplier pump that is used to pressurize aircraft landing gear struts, and other high pressure applications. The 15X strut pump is able to boost air or nitrogen to 2250psi or 15 times the inlet pressure.

Simply hook up the output hose to the strut and the inlet to a pressure source such as shop air or regulated nitrogen. Cycling the slide valve forces a single precise shot of high pressure air into the strut. Operator raises pressure in increments, maximizing control and minimizing chance or over-pressure.

More than enough pump for most aircraft.
Boost Air or Nitrogen to 2250psi.
Built for shop use or for a discriminating do-it-yourselfer.
Weighs less than 10 pounds. Shipping weight of 15lbs (due to packaging).
Equipped with a 36 hose.
Comparable to pumps priced in the thousands.
Nitrogen adapter makes using bottle nitrogen efficient. (Nitrogen adapter sold separately)
Made in the USA.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Works great, I love it.

Wood W Verified Purchase


May 5, 2022

Works great on my 310. You do not need adapter to use nitrogen - with the adapter, compressed air is used to drive the main piston to increase nitrogen pressure in to the strut - Without the adapter, Nitrogen drives the piston and is then expelled/wasted on the return stroke. The adapter eliminates the wasted gas being expelled on the return stroke but is otherwise not needed..

June 9, 2018

Works better than advertised. Buy the nitrogen adapter.

Jim M
February 23, 2013


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Q: Does this have a built in pressure gauge? Will it work without a compressor? Is the connector supplied with unit?

Yes, it has a built in pressure gauge. The unit will not work unless it is connected to a shop air tank with regulated pressure between 80psi and 150psi. The pump is shipped ready to use for air only or nitrogen only operatiion. To operate in air/nitrogen mode, an adapter must be installed (See Acessories).

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