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Phillips 66 X/C 5606J and X/C 5606A Aviation Hydraulic Fluids are mineral oil-based, high viscosity index, ashless (zinc-free) antiwear hydraulic fluids designed to meet the severe demands of aerospace and industrial applications. They have excellent oxidation resistance and outstanding low-temperature properties for use over a wide temperature range. They provide excellent wear protection for hydraulic pumps and motors, protect hydraulic system components against rust and corrosion, and are resistant to excessive foam buildup that can cause poor or sluggish hydraulic system response.

C 5606J Aviation Hydraulic Fluid meets the cleanliness requirements for "super clean" hydraulic fluid for use in modern aircraft hydraulic systems. X/C 5606A Aviation Hydraulic Fluid is recommended for use in hydraulic systems that do not require a "super clean" fluid. Both fluids are dyed red for identification and leak detection purposes.


  • Very high viscosity index for use over a wide temperature range
  • Outstanding low-temperature properties
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Resists deposit formation and viscosity increase due to oxidation
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Good foam resistance
  • Does not contain zinc or other heavy metals


  • X/C Aviation Hydraulic Fluids are recommended for use in non-pressurized systems operating between 54C and 90C (-65F to 194F), and in pressurized systems operating between 54C and 135C (-65F to 275F) at pressures up to 3,000 psi.(1) Typical applications include:
  • Aircraft and missile control systems, autopilots and shock absorbers
  • Auto wreckers, boom trucks and electrical service equipment (cherry pickers) where all-weather performance is required
  • Industrial robotics
  • Hydraulic systems that require a super clean fluid for extended service life and reliability (X/C 5606J)
  • (1)Note: Do not use these fluids in hydraulic systems with natural rubber elastomers.
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Good stuff.

Lynn E
February 4, 2021

Decent price and delivered very quickly.

Robert J
February 3, 2021

Quick delivery as usual from ACS. I transfer the product into a plastic squeeze top bottle. Makes it easier to put in reservoir aided by small funnel without spillage and mess. Pouring from can isnt suitable.

November 26, 2020

Good product - FAST DELIVERY.

Naples A
September 11, 2020

Exactly what I needed. Fast delivery. Customer service is great too.

Robert B
August 19, 2020

Nice colour, works as advertised

Fast E
June 22, 2020

Excellent quality Great price Nice can

Steven K
April 13, 2020

This quart size is the best. I use this product and it is a great way to dispense 5606

Joseph M
January 16, 2020

Yep, the can looks and feels like MIL H 5606 hydraulic fluid

Paul Y
September 5, 2019

Good deal! All around... Love old school cans!

Lj F
July 20, 2018


Q: How many litres of Phillips MIL-PRF-5606H hydraulic fluid in a QUART / in a CASE?

On quart is approximately 0.946 Liters. Each case has 24 quarts. So the approximate liters in a case is 22.27 liters.

Q: Is the PHILLIPS 66 X/C MIL-PRF-5606H HYDRAULIC FLUID considered a hazardous shipping item?

No, this is not considered hazardous material.

Q: Is Mil-H-5606 compatible with synthetic DOT4 brake fluid?

We have no documentation showing these two fluids are compatible. We recommend only using the fluid the brake manufacturer has called out to be used with their system.

Q: Is this product compatible with 1977 Piper hydraulic brake systems?

There is no application chart available. This product is 5606 which is commonly used in most general aviation aircraft.

Q: What is the shelf life of Phillips X/C MIL-PRF-5606H hydraulic fluid?

We do not have a set shelf life on our Aviation Oils. This is because there is simply no way for us to control how it is stored once it leaves our warehouse. If it is stored indoors under controlled conditions (i.e., not exposed to weather, direct sunlight, excessive heat or dust) then it can remain a high quality product for many years. A good guideline is: Once it is more than 5 years old, a sample of the product should be tested to verify quality. We have tested sealed containers much older than this and found them to be in great condition.

Please note that some militaries require retesting on their own schedule. We also encourage you to verify any FAA requirements with an FAA inspector (not an internet chat-room) and follow that persons guidance.

Q: Can you attach the SDS non hazardous sheet on the product page?

We have added the SDS to the web page for review in the Documents section.

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