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MFR Model# 0031-MF-B


Not quite as detailed as Mountain Flying Bible, but for learning the techniques of mountain flying and operating from remote high altitude airstrips, it is in our opinion, the best value for the dollar of all of Sparky's books.

Comprehensive guidance from an expert. Mountain flying has its own rules. This is the book that explains them with clarity and authority. Organized to follow the sequence of a typical flight, the book covers preflight, takeoff, en-route, arrival procedures, and landing. The author discusses fuel management, the magnetic compass, and the effects of high-altitude flying on weight and balance and the airspeed indicator. There's much more in this unique book, and it's a "must" for every pilot who flies into mountainous terrain.

Now published and distributed by Aircraft Technical Book Company. Formerly published by Airguide Publications.


  • Preflight
  • Takeoff
  • Enroute
  • Arrival
  • Landing
  • Mountain Meteorology
  • Airspeed Indicator
  • Weight & Balance
  • Aircraft Inspections
  • Fuel Management
  • The Magnetic Compass
  • Appendices
    • winter woes
    • reliability of aviatrion forecasts
    • do's and dont's of mountain flying
    • altitude computations
    • flight operation information


  • Publishers: Aircraft Technical Book Co. & FAA
  • ISBN-13: 0934754020
  • Pages: 246
  • Binding: Paperback
  • eBook
  • File Type: standard pdf ebook
  • Print: unlimited
  • Copy/Paste: unlimited
  • Offline Access: yes
  • Search: always
  • Bookmarks: always
  • System Reqs: Windows, Macintosh, iPad, and more

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