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Panel Post Light. Compact design, just 3/4" x 1/2" (6mm shaft diameter). 2 super-bright LEDs. Ideal for panel lighting or map lighting.
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The 12volt LED panel light arrived in minimum time. I purchased for a simulator panel, the quality is excellent. Brightness is adjustable, starting at 5volts through 12volts.

Keith B
December 11, 2019

Works as advertised

Richard L
December 30, 2018

years in the industry and have always hated not just the price of post lames on the market but have not been impressed with old school lamps . this idem has changed my view about using post lambs in my projects. see if for yourself at my wings over Wyoming Facebook page or my forgotten transport of America Facebook page. I will continue to us this product in my business

Ira W
January 14, 2018

Installed it on my golf cart dash, works great.

Dale E
October 19, 2017

These post lights are affordable however they do not fit into standard instrument cases. It will require drilling and additional larger hole . The color and illumination is good and if you can drill another hole in the panel they will work great.

September 8, 2019

Definitely bright compared to the original post lights these replaced & do very well lighting up the panel with minimal number of lights. Gave it 3 stars since it does not fit in instrument screw holes & required new holes on the panel to be mounted without drilling the instrument attaching holes

August 24, 2018

The rubber sealant on the LED basically disintegrated after a year and comes off in tiny pieces. Wouldnt recommend these at all.

November 2, 2021


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Q: Is the Post light STC'd?

This light is not FAA TSO'd or STC'd.

Q: what is the current for each in ma

The current draw for the 12V light is .05ma the 24V light draws .06ma


Yes, the panel post lights are dimmable.

Q: What kind of thread does it have? Is 1/2 dimension a diameter or width measured from flat part where LEDs are?

The threads are 1/4" the light itself is 1/2".

Q: How many instruments can a single light illuminate? This question is prompted by the understanding that the hole size and thread is larger that that of an instrument mounting hole, and thread size.

It depends on the instrument panel but in general, these post lights can illuminate from 2 to 4 instruments. (meaning: Two on the top row and the two below them)

Q: Are these lights water proof?

Yes, they are. (Within limits).

Q: Can these LED lamps be used with an existing, 12 volt, incandescent lamp dimmer?

They dim OK with regular incandescent dimmers - not as well as with a PWM (pulse wave modulation) dimmer but they work acceptably well with older types.

Q: What is the light pattern from these lamps? Just the two LED elements on one side with an 180º spread?

The Panel Post lights have a 120 degree pattern.

Q: Do these LED post light require a PWM dimmer? Are they approved for type certified aircraft?

They will work with incandescent dimmers but not as well. A PWM dimmer would be a better option. They are not approved for certified aircraft.

Q: What size wire is on this, gage?

24 gauge wire

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