Rotax 912 Oil System Priming Kit

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Part# 15-05925


13549 Rotax 912 Oil System Priming Kit. If you do your own oil change you know that just draining the oil reservoir doesn't get all the dirty oil out of the engine. The oil cooler and lines can hold as much as a quart of dirty oil. Get a fresh start by purging all dirty oil by force priming the entire system. Our new Oil System Priming Kit provides you with all the needed parts and instructions to force prime the entire oil system in just a few minutes.

New engine installations or any service that requires breaking into the sealed lines and cooler system must be pressure primed before start-up. Failing to properly prime the system can result in air pockets, oil pump cavitation, and possible lifter, camshaft, or main bearing damage.

Installed to the oil reservoir, shop air is used to pressurize the reservoir forcing oil through the entire system as you turn the prop over 30 to 60 turns. All air is therefore purged and the system fully primed for start-up. Full oil pressure is achieved as soon as the engine is started avoiding oil pump cavitation and possible damage to expensive vital engine parts.

Kit includes adjustable pressure regulator, both automotive and industrial style air couplers, feed hose, worm drive clamps, hose barbs, steel flare cap for tank top, and complete step-by-step instructions. Save yourself the time and hassle of designing a makeshift system to prime your engine with our versatile professional priming kit. Allows compliance with Rotax Service Instruction Bulletin SI-912-018 & SI-914-020
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As others have written, the range of pressure on the gauge is noncomplimentary to the Jobs purpose. I was able to get the job done, however a more suitable instrument would be nice. I think Spruce should exchange them for all of us customers that purchased this kit.

Steven M Verified Purchase


November 9, 2023

Includes all the pieces and parts to complete this important service on a Rotax engine. Thanks, CPS for putting this kit together and at a reasonable price.

Jeffrey F
February 8, 2019

Fast sure way to prime Rotax oil system. No doubt if you primed it properly using this system.

December 2, 2017

The female side of the pressure valve did not fit any of the provided parts so could not use it.

George H Verified Purchase


April 6, 2023

Parts kit you assemble tool

Kenneth D Verified Purchase


February 16, 2024

I purchaased this kit andused it one time. I set it for 12 psi. Instructions says from 10to 15 psi. I blew the O rings and gaskets out. After futher discusson with Rotax. Im told that Rotax should never exceed 7 psi. The casean such blows the oil tight seals, and epoxy will blow out. Now I have several oil leaksand its will be expensiveto fix. Do not sue this product.

Drake A
September 21, 2020

the item was back ordered immediately after i placed the order causing a delay of over month. i was told by customer service several times that the item will be in stock at certain dates but i learned the hard way that one should not trust the dates given by customer service. The product arrived and it has the wrong cap gender, it should have the ball not the cavity, so currently is not sealing properly making the entire kit useless. The pressure gage is cheap , inaccurate and wrong scale range: i measured the pressure against a calibrated one and is sometimes about 10psi lower sometimes 20, sometimes the reading is ok, so totally unreliable. the rotax manual is very specific on purging pressure 5-10 not exceeding 15psi, with this gage range of 0-180 and the inaccuracy is impossible to stay in the required range. Overall total disappointment in the company and the product. I will be attempting to return it, should i even bother?

Chris V
September 11, 2020

First of all, the scale of the manometer is unusable : we need 10 to 15 PSI and the scale is from 0 to 180PSI !! So 10PSI= 2mm on the manometer Second: the brass tube fitting ( to be connected to the regulator outlet) is not the good one. I received P/N 04-00834 whitch doesn’t fit !!! So the system is absolutly unusable.

April 3, 2020


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Q: Does this Rotax 912 Oil System Priming kit permanently install into the oil system?

It does not install permanently into the oil system. It is only used to purge air from the oil system during initial engine installation or whenever the oil supply line has had air introduced.

Q: Are there instructions available for the Rotax 912 Oil System Priming Kit to see if I feel competent to do the purge?

Yes. We have added the instruction sheet to the "Documents" tab of this web page for your review.

Q: Is this also recommended for the Rotax 914? The oil systems are nearly identical with the exception of the turbo and this should prime/purge that system as well.

Yes, this can be used for all 4 stroke Rotax engines: 912UL, 912ULS, 914UL, 912IS, 915IS.