CLAMP 5/8 MS21919-WCJ10

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SinglePack of 5
PNTube Dia.


Band Material: Corrosion Resistant Steel
Cushion Material: Fluorosilicone - For elevated temperature usage in petroleum based fluid contaminated areas. Unaffected by ozone. Not resistant to phosphate ester based fluids. Color is solid blue.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


High Quality stainless clamp, liner will withstand engine compartment heat

February 14, 2021

High quality, stainless clamp recommended for higher temps and worth the price

William R
February 12, 2021

High Quality Adel type clamp with Fuel resistant material. Wish it was also available in larger diameters, I used Adel clamps to mount my boost Pump and Filter that required -26 and -30 sizes.

Gary K
December 15, 2020

Great for clamping wires on engine mount. Easy to install, rust free.

Donald S
January 26, 2020

These work well to clamp onto a Vans RV engine mount when securing wires firewall forward.

David M
November 29, 2019

If they work as advertised, I’ll know in several years. Look good, and easy to install. It would be easier if they came with screws and nuts.

Billy B
March 3, 2019

They are easier to install than the aluminum series

Bob C
November 27, 2018

Looks to be a good product. Time will tell.

Greg W
January 29, 2018


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Q: What kind of steel is the clamp made of, for example 1008 or 1144? What is the stud size for these clamps?

The band is made from 321 corrosion resistant steel. The diameter where the stud would go through is .199" to .209".

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