Towflexx 2-Series Light Aircraft Tug

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Part# 13-18770
MFR Model# SM 2.0


The TowFLEXX® 2-Series light aircraft tug is designed to make your pre-and post flight experience much more enjoyable, easier, quicker and safer. Say goodbye to sweating, pulling, pushing and using your own brawn to move the aircraft — you now have a smart solution that makes moving your plane simple and efficient. Revolutionary design, providing many advantages,... and saves your back.

Small, versatile, powerful, and reliable. Applicable for most light single engine and twin-engine aircraft up to 8,800 lbs (2t) MOTW.

The TowFLEXX® towbarless electric hand-guided aircraft tug, is a unique, patented, versatile, adjustable and simple to use light airplane tow system that saves valuable time and allows aircraft owners, pilots, ground crews and hangar operators to maneuver airplanes in and out of hangars with ease.


  • Ergonomic Height Adjustment
  • Comfortable Lever for easy Coupling and De-Coupling
  • Easy and simple Steering
  • Forward and Reverse
  • Adjustable Speed Control
  • Smooth Acceleration
  • Universal Adapter for a wide Range of Aircraft
  • High Capacity Battery Pack with long Service Life
  • Extended Charging Cycle Time
  • Maintenance Free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No Exhaust
  • No Noise - Silent
  • Easy to operate
  • Weatherproof


Universal & Adaptable
  • Every TowFLEXX® 2-Series is supplied with the universal main u-fork coupling adapter, incl. a set of sliding standard adapters for easy aircraft docking.
  • Easy adaptable with quick lock pins. No tools required. The system provides a wide variety of different adjustment options.
  • The main u-fork coupling adapter can be height adjusted to fit specific aircraft characteristics. The angle can be changed with ease with quick lock pins. The bracket also includes a provision for a ball-hitch attachment allowing to move trailers.
Flexible & Convenient
  • The main u-fork coupling adapter is flexible and connected to the tug frame with a swivel joint that allows the adapter to rotate. A comfortable lever allows the operator to open and to lock the main u-fork coupling adapter. The steering handle is height adjustable for best ergonomics and to fit the operator's physical height and figure.
Easy to Operate & Comfortable
  • The standard handle provides a solid grip and the operator is firmly in control. Adjustable speed control with forward and reverse selector switch. Smooth acceleration technology eliminates the twitchy instability found in gas powered aircraft tow clutching systems. The tug is also available with the optional multi-functional three-axis tiller control handle for additional convenience.
Features & Quality Unmatched by Others
  • Every TowFLEXX® 2-Series is equipped with LED lighting for easier operation at night time or inside dark hangars. This tug is designed and manufactured like no other. Solid, rugged, powerful and built to last.
Battery & Electronics
  • Every TowFLEXX® 2-Series is equipped with a top-quality long-lasting battery set. The rechargeable 24V 33Ah maintenance free lead-gel battery pack is designed for approximately 3 hours operation and 5 days in step (when fully charged) including short-circuit protection. An advanced battery charger is included that is suitable for uninterrupted service and continuous operation with an auto-shutdown function.
  • The battery box can be easily removed from the tug to provide access to the electrical compartment and motor.
  • Powerful high-torque rotary drive 24V 500W DC effective power electric motor resourcefully applied.
  • Allows noiseless silent maneuvering and movement of single-and small twin-engine aircraft up to max 8,800 lbs (4t) quickly and safely in tight areas. Environmentally friendly - no exhaust.
Easy Handling
  • Ergonomic height adjustment mechanism of the control handle, allowing fast adaptation matching the operators height for user comfort.
  • Easy and simple steering by hand, via raising and guiding into the steering direction. Operation is a breeze because of the forward and reverse acceleration switch mechanism with adjustable speed control.


We are towing a Piper Lance with this Tug and it just works great! Easy hook up, no bending. Even fully fueled on grass is no Problem. Very good quality!

December 2, 2021


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Q: Can you remove the battery from the TugMaxx SM 2.0 aircraft tug so that it can be re-charged away from the field?

Yes, you can remove the battery so that you can re-charge this away from the field.

Q: Will the Tugmaxxe 2-series work on a Scott 3200 tailwheel?

Yes, as this will come with adapters to be able to work with any aircraft.

Q: What adapter comes with the tug?

There is a universal adapter included.

Q: Does this come with an adapter for a Bonanza A36? Also what handle does this come equipped with. I see two different versions.

Per the manufacturer: For the Bonanza we just need to know if he has the castle nut on his nose gear or not. The unit comes always with the first adapter included. This comes with the standard handle.

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