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Robotow 24SL Portable Towbar (Cordless Kit with US Charger)

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Part# 13-04222
MFR Model# 6426


The all weather Robotow 24SL is lightweight (33 lbs.) and portable, making it ideal for carrying onboard your aircraft. When the Robotow's heavy duty all weather knurled drive drum is held against the nose wheel, the aircraft is easily moved. A trigger on the handle controls the speed while a switch reverses direction on command. Powerful, portable, and dependable, Robotow is an ideal power towbar for the aircraft listed.

The Robotow 24SL includes: a comfort grip handle with variable speed switch settings of forward, reverse and locked, a black oxide coated knurled drive drum for non-slip operation with maximum torque transfer, a 5 amp 24 volt durable sealed lead acid detachable battery pack with simple wire harness connections (no memory effect problems), 3 amp charger which can be connected to battery while it is mounted to Robotow frame, and a 24 volt permanent magnet motor for maximum battery life with high torque output. This unit fits all existing Robotow adapters which are sold separately.

Adapters are sold separately.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • All Weather Robotow Model
  • 24 Volt & 120 Vac Models Available
  • Can be Transported Onboard Your Plane
  • Heavy Duty All Weather Knurled Drive Drum
  • Precise Control Variable Speed Switch
  • No Memory Effect with Battery Towbar


  • Weight: 33 lbs.

Kits Include

  • Robotow
  • Battery
  • Charger(US or INTL)


I have to tell you I was hesitant for a long period of time, mainly cost $. My 182E backcountry machine is heavy & does not give up movement easily, Newtons Law. This, in itself, limited my ability & of course concerns of personal injury were constantly at the forefront. We fly for freedom, it is who we are as pilots. This now essential (in my mind) piece of equipment, guarantees us the ability to exercise that freedom without restriction. It is liberating to a great degree,,,,,at any time you can take advantage of a cool, crisp morning or an evening jaunt around the pattern on the sunset. Scale of 1 - 10,,,,,100. If you are on the fence, jump off, you will not regret the decision. Tell Jim I sent you, he will take of the details as he always does.

May 10, 2021

I got my husband a robot of a year ago. Ive intentionally waited this long to leave a review to see how well it works (or not). Well, my husband loves it! He used to use a converted mower/tug, but had to battle with keeping it running. He now hooks up the Robotow and moves our Mooney in and out with ease. Our hanger has rather large tracks to go over so weve made plywood boards to assist as a ramp on either side of track. It helps a little. The only downside I would give this item, is battery life/ power. It could use more amperage and longer life. We do get about 3 or 4 uses ( in and out = 1). On the last use we have to give a little punch over the track. Im now wanting to get an extra battery for his birthday!! We love it!

Terri H
May 4, 2017

This thing scuffed my tire up and rubber came off.

January 10, 2020


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Q: Do they sell a replacement battery pack for the Robotow 24SL?

Yes, please keyword 13-11264 (ROBOTOW 6425 24SL 5AMP BATTERY) in our search to bring up the page for the replacement battery pack.

Q: I dont see an adapter for a Mooney. Am I missing it, or will the robotow not work with a Mooney?

Unfortunately the Robotow will not work with the Mooney.

Q: What is the lead time for this part 13-04222 after an order has been placed?

These typically ship in 5-7 business days after order.

Q: Is there an adapter for Cessna 182 with wheel pants?

This towbar cannot be used with wheel pants.

Q: Will this work on taildraggers? I am looking for something that supports a 3000 # gvw.

No this is only for nose gear aircraft.

Q: Will this ROBOTOW 24SL TOWBAR work with piper arrow?

No this will not work with single sided nose gear.

Q: Will this Robotow 24SL work on Bonanzas and Sierras?

Per Vendor: The 6426 24SL Robotow is compatible with the Beech Bonanza. They will need #6201 Beech 1 adapter for Bonanza. Twin Bonanza will require #6202 Beech 2 adapter.

Q: Is there any way to determine how long the battery lasts before the need to recharge it? This would be for a Cessna 172M with approximately a 50 foot distance to clear the tiedown area.

Per the manufacturer: To many variables to give an exact distance, but you should be able to move the plane at least 500' to 1,000' feet on a charge.

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