Sparrow Model W500 CO Carbon Monoxide & Air Monitor

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Part# 13-23462
MFR Model# W-500


SPARROW is a health and safety device that measures and alarms to high and low levels of carbon monoxide (CO), along with temperature, pressure. Displays and tracks exposure over time, giving you information on health effects and even notifying others in the event of an emergency. SPARROW App will also store and map the location of unhealthy air events so you can plan healthier routes in the future. While you can customize your alerts and notifications to your needs, the SPARROW and its app will always alert you to hazardous life threatening situations with audible and visual alarms.

Note: W500 sold as unit only, mobile device in image is for reference only.
Download the SPARROW app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to register and use your Sparrow w500 device.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Sparrow App

  • Intuitive color-coded CO level and TWA display
  • Custom warning levels
  • Regional air quality data from (US only)
  • Data tracking features for air quality analysis
  • Graph CO levels and track exposure over time
  • Map the location of both high and low-level CO events
  • Download CO data for further analysis
  • Emergency Texting Feature: The SPARROW app will send a text alert to an emergency contact when very high levels of CO are detected based on the users custom setting. (This feature is enabled when connected to the SPARROW app and with a wireless data connection)

Sparrow Features

  • Monitor both high and low levels of CO in real-time
  • Small size with rechargeable battery
  • Multi-colored LED and audible buzzer
  • Highly accurate SPEC SensorsTM carbon monoxide sensor
  • Compatible with the Otterbox uniVERSE case system


  • Weight .25 lbs
  • Dimensions 7 5 2 in

In The Box

  • SPARROW CO & Air Quality Monitor
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • SPARROW carabiner key chain
  • Quick start guide
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Q: Where is this made? Is the unit suitable for small GA aircraft? How often do you need to calibrate the unit and does it have to be done by the factory?

This is made in the USA. Per the manufacturer, "It does not need to be calibrated. The unit shouldn't drift more than 5-10% over the span of 5 years so it will remain very accurate. It is meant for personal monitoring so while technically it could monitor an unlimited amount of square footage, it really should be worn or placed in critical measurement areas to make sure it is protecting the airspace around the users."

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