Deluxe Tailwheel Towbar

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Part# 13-04918
MFR Model# TB-1000


The new Deluxe Tail wheel Towbar uses a positive locking control cable to attach to the wheel from a straight-on position. No extra maneuvering or lifting is required, and it can be adjusted for various tail wheel sizes.
Towbar Weight: 26 lbs.

Note: Maximum weight to lift is 1,200 to 1,500 lbs.


This was a bit of a chore to assemble due to the holes being drilled to a very tight tolerance and the paint in the holes not allowing the bolts to slide easily. I had to use a wrench to ream out the holes using the bolts and it was still very difficult to get the bolts in. The cotter pins where also very tight. Not sure why the holes are not just a 1/16 larger--it would make assembly much easier. Once it is together and adjusted for the tail wheel size it works great.

May 12, 2017

This is not the tailwheel dolly you want. When you try to turn the plane, the tailwheel slips sideways on the two pegs that are supposed to hold it and the falls right through the dolly. Eventually, you just give up in disgust and push the plane itself. I suppose it’s fine if you only ever need to go straight forward or backward. But who doesn’t need to make a 90 degree turn when they clear the hangar? Bottom line: this product is not engineered correctly.

February 18, 2018

If you’re considering this, don’t! First of all, it’s grossly overpriced. Second, I replaced the cheap wheels the first day I owned it. Third, the leverage angle is wrong, making moving my Decathlon almost impossible from a standing start on the smooth level concrete of my hangar floor. Skip this one.

Bruce M
January 4, 2021


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