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Part# 13-02250
MFR Model# M-540-023


For the FBO this is an ideal hand held universal tow bar. Fits Cessna, Beech, Piper, Scott Tailwheel and many others.

Collapsible Length: 34"
Overall Length: 57" Fits variety of aircraft with 5/8 lugs on nose gear strut. It will also fit with Scott tailwheel models 3200, 3400, 3425 and 3450
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Purchased for a glider... Numerous engaging methods (hole diameters) Heavy duty spring for keeping sidebars in place. Collapsible, stores easily in tight glider trailers. Longer handle, important as towbar will attach to a tailboom dolly, usually forward of the vertical stab, and should be long enough to clear under large rudders. This towbar will need modifications, but provides the best starting point. This towbar seems robust enough to use with a vehicle hitch to the sailplane (yes, we tow them backwards). Con: easily scratched, powder coat would be nice. Still 5 stars (and a can of paint).

Kelly F
January 10, 2019

This is an excellent towbar. It is universal since it has several different diameter receiving slots for different axel sizes. (That may not appear in the picture). It is also longer than many, which allows a more efficient angle for pushing or pulling (not pushing wheel into ground so much). Also, it is collapsible. And the price is lower than some lesser towbars.

John D
July 21, 2018

Pros: strong spring, multiple diameter options Cons: the tow bar arrived stuck, we needed two people to pull the the parts apart (scratching the paint) , I ended up sanding down the paint so I can assemble / collapse it easily compared to the regular Cessna style tow bar I had in the past this was very disappointing, other

August 3, 2019


Q: Will this tow bar work with the Piper that needs the hooks to tow it?

No, this tow bar gets connected at the lugs on the aircraft. It has the cups the slide over the lugs or in slots on the landing gear.

Q: What is the ID of the largest cups? (What is the largest lug the towbar will accept?)

The ID is 1-3/64".

Q: What is the ID of the smallest cups? Will it fit a 5/8 lug? How narrow will this pinch down to from cup to cup and still work properly?

The smallest tube is .270. This will not fit the 5/8 lug. It will pinch down to 3-1/2.

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