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From $138.80 to $152.75
Model Fits Extended
P/N Price Buy
4-API Aircraft Products
48 in 12-02097 $148.75
4-ABI Alaskan Bushwheel
48 in 13-06106 $139.95
Cessna XP
48 in 13-06107 $138.80
4-TDG Scott 3200 & 3400,
ABI 3200, ABI 3400
48 in 13-10000 $139.95
4-F24 Fairchild 24, Beech
Stagger Wing
48 in 13-02410 $152.75
4-RV Vans RV3, RV4,
RV6, RV7, RV8 & RV9(See Notes)
48 in 13-02408 $139.95
Subtotal $0.00
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Operation: Extend the handle easily with high-shear quick release pin. Apply forward pressure on the spreader bar to open the wishbone jaws. Line up Bogi-Bar attachments at the tow points or axle depending on model. Release the tension on the spreader bar and youre Locked-On! The tow bar will not slip off the plane. Reversal for removal. Extended, the Bogi-Bars are slightly over 4 feet long unless noted.

Notes for 4-RV: 28" while the T handle is all the way down, and 48" when the T handle is all the way up. This will not fit with wheel pants. Fits RV3 & RV4 with tail wheel. Now fits RV6, RV7, RV8, and RV9.

For nosewheel aircraft Bogert tow bars, click here.


  • Combination of steel used for durability.
  • Foam rubber hand and lever grips standard.
  • High shear quick release pins adjust length.
  • Powder coating process resists scratches.
  • Lifetime guarantee when used for the intended purpose.
  • Made in the USA
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Fits My RV3 with no modifications. Works great. Lights weight, compact for travel and storage.

Jonathan S
June 28, 2019

The tow bar works great on my Steen Skybolt. I couldnt be more happy with the product. It arrived exactly when promised, which was just in time for my next flight.

Ken N
June 10, 2019

Had to remove and reinstall the tail wheel cotter pin and the bar worked perfectly with no other adjustments necessary. Bar fits snug around both ends of bolt and is easy to attach and remove. havent traveled with it yet but like the way the T-handle collapses to make for easy storage.

Dan G
May 10, 2019

I have an RV-8. While it works well on the left nut, it is just a bit too small for the right nut (hence it slips off). Ill have to do a little machining to get it right, but beyond that, certainly something useful especially in tight spaces when manual pushing is difficult especially when the wheel turns once unlocked.

Florian B
September 15, 2018

Using this with my Stinson 108-1 and Scott Tailwheel. So far, so good--has a solid grip on the tail wheel and appears to turn the tailwheel easily for maneuvering.

September 10, 2018

Ive only used it a little bit (basically, only moved the airplane a few feet to see how well the tow bar worked), but it seems to be a great product. Clamps onto the tailwheel of my Super Decathlon very firmly. You do have to hold the bar kind of low to avoid hitting the aft lower corner of the rudder on the SD, but Bogert makes a Drop Handle to solve this problem (Im on the fence about spending another $50 for this). Also, I thought that the lever on the Bar would be some sort of over-center locking mechanism, but its actually used to spread the tongs to get them onto the wheel the tongs are held in place by the very firm springiness of the tongs themselves.

Al C
July 27, 2018

Did not fit my RV-6 tailwheel, but not their fault. Turns out I have an upgraded wheel and fork. Wish they sold a mod for my tailwheel. Thinking of welding on two sockets to the Bogi-Bar to increase the size of each tube.

John M
June 28, 2018

Great addition to the hangar. Allows greater precision when positioning the aircraft, can accurately and confidently place it into a tight space now. Folds nice and compact for travel, so it will likely join me on most flights away from home.

February 13, 2018


Q: I need a Tow Bar for my Van´s RV-8 (with Tailwheel). Is the Model 4-RV the right one?

Yes, Bogert model 4-RV (p/n 13-02408) will fit the RV-8.

Q: Will the 4-RV towbar work for an RV6?

Yes, this will work for an RV6.

Q: Will the 4-ABI TOW BAR WORK ON THE ABI-3200B (has wide fork and baby bush wheel)?

Yes, this should work just fine.

Q: Will this work for a pacer with a scott 3200?

You would want our part number 13-10000 for use with a Scott 3200.

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