MYGOFLIGHT Sport ™ Mount Amps Tilt & Swivel

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Part# 13-19534
MFR Model# JMT-5030


The Sport™ Mount AMPs Swivel is for pilots who want to mount any size iPad or Tablet in any size or type of case to the AMPs bracket found in many jets. This mount comes with a Sport™ Adapter mounting system and an adjustable tilt plate which adds flexibility in how the iPad/Tablet is positioned. The adapter can tilt up to 15 degrees. The iPad/Tablet can rotate between landscape and portrait mode while attached to the mount. All together, this system gives you the ultimate flexibility while keeping spaced used to a minimum.
NOTE: You must have a Device Holder to use this mount.


  • PILOT INSTALLABLE: AMPs Tilt & Swivel can be installed by any pilot in any aircraft. Secure to any surface with a small footprint base measuring only 1.56" x 1.875" PREMIUM DESIGN: Vibration minimized, all parts made of metal making it solid and durable
  • INFINITELY ADJUSTABLE: Mount swivels 360 and tilts 90 providing infinite adjustment
  • 360 ROTATION: Rotate device between landscape and portrait positions in-flight when mounted
  • QUICK CONNECT: This mount comes with a Gen 3 Sport Adapter which quickly connects to any MYGOFLIGHT device holder. Press both green buttons to remove.
  • MOUNT ANY DEVICE: From iPad to GoPro this mount can securely hold any device including iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Microsoft Surface, GoPro, Garmin GPS, and even more.


I dont do many reviews but I figured for the price of this item, it deserved one. I have been trying for years to find a sensible solution for simply mounting my phone in the airplane. I am not a fan of RAM mounts as they are never simple or elegant, dont have infinite articulation and almost always, are in my way. I bit the bullet and purchased the MYGOFLIGHT mount. It really is a quality piece of kit and articulates in every possible way while being very discreet. The quality, engineering and function of this will last long after the sting of the price tag is gone. I would certainly buy another one.

Paul R
May 20, 2022


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Q: What are the dimensions of the Mygoflight Sports Mount Amps Swivel, Part # 13-19534? What else should I order to mount an iPad Air to it?

Per the MFG: The mounting base is 2.25" X 2" with a 4 hole "amps" pattern mounting holes. The device mount stands approximately 3" from the mounting base.

To Mount the iPad Air, please order part # 13-19539 separately.

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