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A cost-effective service to enhance your aviation maintenance practices and provide confidence in the health of your engine.

Aviation Oil Analysis (AOA) by ALS Tribology Division brings you a state-of-the-art oil analysis program designed specifically for aircraft owners. Oil analysis is an early warning system that reduces downtime, lowers maintenance costs, and helps you spot troubling issues before they become serious problems.

AOA ‘basic’ kits can be ordered with or without return postage and include standard elemental analysis to detect evidence of engine component wear. Please note, for any location outside of the United States the "Return Postage" option will not provide postage for return to the laboratory. Please purchase the standard kit and obtain sufficient postage via your preferred domestic shipping option. Please note, due to new USPS regulations, you cannot utilize stamps. You must either print online postage, or pay at a USPS service counter if you elect a kit without included return postage.

A small vial, mailing bag, and information form are furnished with the order. Upon receipt at the laboratory in Phoenix, AZ, the oil sample is analyzed and a full report, including statistical analysis and interpretation, is forwarded within 24 hours and posted for viewing online.

Piston Test Slate:
7 Elements: Silicon, Aluminum, Iron, Copper, Nickel, Chromium, Silverbr>
Turbine Test Slate:
9 Elements: Silicon, Aluminum, Iron, Copper, Nickel, Chromium, Silver, Lead, Magnesium

Link for Advanced Kits
Link for Comprehensive Kits


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On time delivery, easy to use website, great selection of products.

Philip M
August 17, 2020

Prompt shipping & delivery, product as advertised.

James G
February 1, 2020

I use this oil testing kit for every oil change. I highly recommended...

Chip M
December 9, 2019

Second time I’ve ordered this kit. 1st time was use and return analysis was quick, easy to understand, informative.

Michael M
September 27, 2019

Simple kit. Essential to monitor engine health.

S. B
September 2, 2019

Easy to use, the lab keeps track of historic trends, and sends you reports.

Larry L
August 25, 2019

The 4th oil analyst kit purchased within the last year.

Charles M
July 21, 2019

AOA oil sample is an excellent tool for checking your engine wear metals. Form is easy to fill out, return sample results come back quick and are easy to understand.

Tim W
December 2, 2018

An easy way to check your oil. This is my 2nd order.

Charles M
November 17, 2018

Reliable services as usual!

Emerson B
August 23, 2018


Q: Are these kits priced and sold individually?

These (08-00436 and 08-00435) are priced and sold each.

Q: Does the price include the lab analysis? Regarding Aviation Oil Analysis (AOA) Kit.

Yes, it does.

Q: What is the best way to get the sample? From the first flow, middle flow or wait for the last oil to exit the engine?

It is best to take the sample hot and mid-stream.

Q: I live in Canada. Is the Return Postage Option purchased thru Aircraft Spruce Canada the Canadian postage amount for the sample being mailed from Canada to the States?

No, the return postage is for return shipments within the continental USA. For Canada, we recommend ordering the without return postage version and shipping the sample back to the supplier via your preferred carrier.

Q: What is the difference between your simple, advanced and comprehensive kits?

The simple kit is a 2oz sample and tested for 9 metals. Advanced is 3oz, tested for 14 metals and, Viscosity, Water, PQI (Particle Quantifier Index.) Comprehensive is the same as the advanced but adds MPE (Microscopic Particle Examination).

Q: The web site is not allowing order of kit without prepaid postage. Is it still available?

Yes, the manufacturer no longer offers the piston aoa kit without the prepaid postage. We no longer have stock of the old version so we can only sell not with the prepaid postage.

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