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MYGOFLIGHT Sport Mount - Flex Suction

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Part# 13-16370
MFR Model# MNT-1805


Note: Mount only, does not include required case. See parts 13-11310 or 13-16366 for available cases.

The Sport™ Mount – Flex Suction and Flex Suction EX - an INFINITELY articulating and adjustable arm. There is no other suction cup mount for a device that does all that this unit does in a single, light-weight, easy to configure mount.

This one mount can operate as a compact suction cup, allowing a close postion to the glass of 3.25 inches. It can operate as standard suction cup mount extending to 10.5" or 13" in the EX version. The Sport Mount - Flex Suction is for pilots who want to mount their iPad Sport, iPad Kneeboard Sport™ or Nexus 7 Sport case off a glass windshield, side window or other smooth surface. This mount comes with a Sport™ Adapter – Generation 2. You can choose a Generation 1 adapter in the options. See below for details on the Sport Adapter versions.

The Sport Mount - Flex Suction construction:
  • The arm is comprised of three independent joints, all adjustable and lockable from a single, centrally located, control knob
  • The control knob joint is adjustable to 360° and the two end joints are mini-ball heads that are adjustable to 105°.
  • The suction cup attachment joint is a lockable socket which rotates 220°
  • The control knob allows partial loosening for safe and precise device positioning
  • No longer limited to fixed length, limited rotation RAM arms
  • Takes all of the guess work out of mount size selection and problems of imprecise positioning
  • The mount is portable and can easily fit in your flight bag or can be positioned and left on-board. Perfect for owners and renters alike.
Aviation Uses The Sport Mount – Flex Suction is the most versatile mounting solution for pilots that would like to install a iPad on almost any flat, smooth surface. The high strength suction cup locks to provide a secure hold to the windshield or metal panel. For pilots looking for more articulation and distance from the iPad to the mounting surface, choose the Flex Suction EX.

Marine Uses
Use the Sport Mount – Flex Suction to mount the iPad in almost any convenient location on your boat. The versatility of the suction cup allows you to move the mount from the cabin, to the dash, to the galley quickly without the use of any tools. Ideal for boat renters who need to be able to take the mount with them when they leave. Small enough to fit in your luggage or gear bag.

Suction Cup.
  • This is a lift to lock suction cup mount with a multi-positional arm.
  • Made of true rubber, the suction cup is designed for years of use.
  • The lift to lock suction cup is easy to use.
  • The suction cup holds strong to any glass, plastic or similar smooth surface and provides a rigid and firm platform for positioning and holding the device.
  • Made out of a lightweight, high strength, composite material.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Minimum extension – 3.25”, Maximum extension - Flex Suction 10.5”, Flex Suction EX 13”
  • Package includes suction cup, a single articulating adjustable arm
  • Material – alloy

In The Box

  • Suction Cup
  • Sport Adapter (without ball)
  • Overall height fully extended - 10.5 inches Flex Suction, 13 inches Flex Suction EX
  • Accessories
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Q: Is there a case for the 5th generation ipad?

Yes, we recommend part # 13-19539 to be used with this sport flex mount.

Q: Will the RAM Easy-Roller I-PAD case attach to this mount?

Yes, but you would also need the AMPS adapter, part # 13-19526 to convert to the RAM holder.

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