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Radiant Technology GEN2 Digital G-Meter

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Part# 10-07621
MFR Model# RGM-023-GEN2


A G-Meter is an important instrument in many aircraft, providing pilots with important information about the forces acting on their aircraft. It contributes to flight safety, training, aerobatics, and specialized aviation activities where precise measurement of G-forces is useful.

Many pilots want a G-Meter, but few have one. Competitive units are expensive.

RADIANT Technology introduces a new GEN2 G-Meter, which is portable and inexpensive. It shows up to +/- 8 Gs in a familiar dial format, along with digitally presented minimum, maximum, and needle trend (persistence) history.

It also includes graphing functions, which displays Gs over time using a color-coded scale. This makes it easy and fun to see what the aircraft and occupants are experiencing and also helps student pilots understand acceleration during turns. One of the graph scales is set at a maximum of 6 G's, while the other goes up to 8 G's as well.

The user sets the red (alarm) values, for instance, +3.8 / -2.0. The unit includes an aural alarm when the value is exceeded.

The device may be attached with Velcro to the panel of any airplane (Velcro is NOT included).
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Q: What are the dimensions of this item? Is it only battery powered, or can it be hard wired?

2.61 w X 2.2 h X 0.58 thick. It is USB rechargeable.