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ViBAN Hood IFR View Limiting Visor

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Note: Part # 13-02023 is not designed to be used with eyeglass wearers. If you wear small eyeglasses, please order the part # 13-02022 which does not have a nose piece to allow for proper fit with small eyeglasses.

ViBAN is a true advance in flight training. Its design is revolutionary and comfort unmatched. ViBAN outperforms bulkier devices hands down. Amazingly, ViBAN weighs only an ounce!

Pilots prefer ViBAN over other IFR view-limiting devices because its ultra lightweight and more comfortable. Skillfully engineered, ViBAN provides a perfect view of the instrument panel while providing complete occlusion forward and to the side.

ViBAN is soothing to the eyes because it is black. A distinct advantage to white or foggy types. And ViBAN wont scratch like foggy lenses. Made from a high-tech polymer, ViBAN is tough and wont warp. Try ViBAN and youll see why it is fast becoming the choice of flight instructors and students everywhere. ViBAN comes complete with durable case and quick adjustment cord.

Key features to the ViBAN

    View-limiting device

    Most lightweight, comfortable, and durable VLD made.

    Weighs only one ounce, so it is comfortable even on the longest flights.

    Doesn't fog up when wearing a mask

    Will not scratch. Avoid the frustration of cloudy and scratched lenses common with polycarbonate lenses.

    Reduces eye strain. Black is neutral to the eye and less irritating than white, yellow or frosted colors.

    Will not cause the blinding effect polycarbonate lenses create when flying into the sun.

    Folds compactly, so its easily stored.

    Handy belt loop on case for easy access during flight.

    Case and cord are included at no extra charge.

    The maximum vision blocking strip is included at no extra charge to help with even the lowest window lines.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Really good for instrument training

Juan M
February 27, 2020

We've found the LFR with nose piece works very well with glasses and provides most of the advantages of the compact foggles type and a larger hood. The plus the case accompanying them has kept them in good shape for many years.

Paul K
March 9, 2014

Would not fit with my small prescription glasses. Returned.

June 29, 2017

This is very cumbersome and does not block the sides out very well even with the extra pieces of velcro on. The velcro does not even really stay on

David K
February 22, 2021


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Q: It looks like the version without the nose piece is the recommended version for people who wear glasses. Is that correct?

Yes, Part # 13-02022, without the nose piece, is recommended version for people who wear small correctional eye glasses as the nose piece interferes with the glasses.

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