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The Hoody

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Part# 13-12753


Hoody® offers the pilot community a hood that is light-weight, stores conveniently in your flight bag, is inexpensive, and is made of highly pliable Polyethylene (PE) that can quite literally be bent into just about any shape. This means you can place it into your flight bag without worrying about damage: no broken hinges, no having to pay for a replacement. Hoody® simply flattens to the thickness of an empty file folder for easy of storage in the flight bag while taking up minimal space. It is always with you for that last minute, “I just need one more approach to keep my currency.” OR, even better “I need to work on my instrument proficiency.”

Hoody® was designed by instrument flight instructors and used extensively in the instrument training environment. Responses to Hoody's® ease of use were not just limited to our students. Hoody® was sent to DPEs designated pilot examiners, other flight instructors, and even the FAA to get their response. The consensus across the board was that the Hoody® is very comfortable and easy to use, stores easily in your flight bag and allows a complete view of even the most complex and modern instrument panels. Those who wear bifocals and glasses found that when comparing Hoody® to other competitive products on the market it was superior in ease of use and restricting visibility outside the cockpit. The Hoody® can be used with most baseball caps. The Hoody® can be adjusted fore and aft on the bill of the cap to limit the view of the outside world. Be sure that you have a competent safety pilot before using Hoody® in flight and be sure to review the Federal Aviation Regulations that are pertinent to the use of view limiting devices in flight.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Provides a complete view of even the most sophisticated instrument panel
  • Weighs less than 2 oz
  • Stores easily in a flight bag with the flaps folded in
  • The Hoody® fits most caps
  • No hooks, no clips, just slips on and off
  • Easily molds to the bill of your favorite cap


It is a good product. I like it because I can ware my glasses and still have my sight restricted to the Instrument Panel only.

Cecil S
March 8, 2019

Works well and easy to store. I bout two one for me and one as a gift for my son, who is a flight instructor.

December 27, 2018

Easy to put on and off. Hard to use with bifocals. I had to hold my head at an odd angle to be able to see the instruments.

Andrew W
June 5, 2020


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Q: Is this something that the examiner will accept?

Yes, an examiner would accept this hood for a checkride.

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