Jeppshades Flip-Up IFR Training Glasses

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Part# 13-404311
MFR Model# 10011864-000


Replace bulky, hard-to-use instrument training hoods. Im- proved design allows better student/instructor interaction. The Cockpit proven design works conveniently under head-sets and the universal adjusting strap reduces pressure on the ears and temple. The Velcro™ strap fits comfortably and flip-up lens allows easy IFR/VFR flight transition. The high quality polycarbonate lens is impact resistant.
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The Jeppesen JeppShades Training Glasses, item 10011864, are a light weight option to replace bulky, hard-to-use instrument training hoods. JeppShades are designed to be lightweight with quick release lens hinge feature for convenience and safety of flight purposes. While damage reports are very low, if customers do experience a case where the lens falls off during normal operations, including turbulence, or the hinge breaking during normal use, then Jeppesen will replace your glasses.

Jeppesen S
August 22, 2018

Great experience with Airceaft Spruce, fast shipping well packaged. Flip up foggles are a great idea. Yet to see them break, so far so good.

November 2, 2019

Good idea - poor quality. Compact and lightweight. Flip-up visor is good. But as mentioned by others, the adhesive used to attach the neoprene cushion at frame’s the nose and forehead was dried out and failing on delivery. The head strap attachment points fail too easily. And there is no mention on the website that these are unsuitable if wearing glasses, though there is a note stating that in the packaging - late notice at that stage. Given how pricey these are (proabably because of the Jepp name) the quality is not nearly good enough and I recommend avoiding this product.

Robert B
May 24, 2018

These are a great concept - since they allow you to flip up the shade to allow for visual flying. However, as the other review reported, the strap attachment is very weak, and it just failed yesterday - cracking on one side, and completely failing on the other. The same thing happened to a fellow user - whom had to invest in a new pair. These glasses also have some neoprene rubber strips on the nose bridge and the brow - the latter had to be reattached since the glue strip is not that good. Another thing to note is that the width of these glasses is not that wide - I have a wide head, so some careful placement is required to prevent the head drilling effect on the sides of the temples. In summary, if the user is extremely careful with these training glasses, they will enjoy the flip up ability and effectiveness.

Andy R
July 18, 2016

I have a pair of these about to go into the bin. They are (were) very comfortable to wear, and lightweight. The ability to flip-up is nice as well. However, the weak point is the hinge on both sides of the frame. The very nice neoprene strap mates with a plastic piece, which hinges at the extreme left and right edges of the blue frame. This is where my pair of Jeppesen trainers failed... the hinge on both sides cracked in 2. I was kind of let down, because I dont use them a lot, and they mostly live in my pilot-bag with my headset, kneeboard, fuel tester, flashlight, etc. I guess the wear and tear of tumbling around in my bag with everything else broke the hinges - so if you buy these and leave them in a seat-back pocket in the plane, youll probably be happy with them for a long time. But dont buy them and think you can let them tumble around in your headset bag with your other pilot toys.

Jason S
December 24, 2015

Very unhappy. I used them once and white lens broke off the frames. They are not constructed very well. The lens was loose right out of the box. I buy several Jepp. products including digital charts and have been happy with everything else they have me but these were a joke.

Matthew M Verified Purchase


November 16, 2022

I used a pair at my flight school before purchasing. They are older. I have been through 2 pair. The first pair fell apart right out of the bag. The silver rivot just fell out. I ordered another pair and the rivot is very loose and the flip up hinge wont stay connected. So now I have $50 worth of plastic. The Jiffy Hood is the tried and true method with no points to fail. Dont waste your money on these.

Susan F
February 10, 2018

Similar experience. I like the concept, lightweight but when it comes to being durable, they fall short. I took two pair and made one work. Youd think the manufacturer would notice the criticism and make them stronger.

Randal P
July 10, 2017

Ive bought 2 of these over the years and both have broken after 1 or 2 uses. They have very small plastic connectors for the flip action and the nose piece both very weak and either dont work smoothly or just break off. Im going to try a one piece plastic hood with large snaps for the headband next.

Sonny D
February 5, 2020


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Q: Can glasses be worn with these JeppShades?

No, these shades do not allow for glasses to be worn simultaneously.

Q: Hello! Are there any certificate available, saying that these shades are approved for the flight schools and or private pilot training processes? If yes, please, send me a scan. Thank you!

IFR training glasses and hoods do not fall under the classification of FAA Approval. It is at the discretion of the instructor and student to decide which glasses and hood they would like to use.

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