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IFR Glasses Old Foggies™ brand view limiting device was developed in order to balance the training value of a view limiting device without further limiting the pilot from being able to read his/her charts. Old Foggies™ blend of precision fogging and custom powered corrective lenses allows for the precise amount of the instrument panel viewing without any view of the horizon.

Old Foggies™ are available in customizable powers with no need for a prescription. Available in Clear and Light Mirrored Tint (a reflective coating that eliminates glare without further limiting visibility). Available Powers: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5


  • Customizable lens color and magnification power
  • Cushioned, non-slip rubber temple pads
  • Vented rubber, non-slip nose grip
  • Scratch resistant poly-carbonate lens
  • Wrap-around lenses to eliminate peripheral view
  • Precision Fogging will never scratch off
  • Slim temple design minimizes headset earseal leakage
  • NON-polarized lenses
  • Available in mirrored tint to block glare without significant visibility reduction
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Works great for a 50 year old working on his instrument rating! I can see the approach plates on my iPad clearly while I am in the cockpit. I would HIGHLY recommend for those of us that need reading glasses!

Steve S
March 24, 2021

these things are great

Anthony Y
November 3, 2020

Excellent view limiters. As a senior pilot the bifocals make these better than my own vision. I actually read the instruments much more easily than without them.

June 29, 2020

Really like these goggles. Bifocal so reading map is easy. Ear limbs have a racket joint up and down to allow adjustment to level glasses !! This is great and a wonderful, functional surprise.

September 29, 2017

This is the best invention to help an older pilot who need reading glasses to see the charts and not wear two glasses at the same time. Love them. Great quality and light weight.

Car B
June 13, 2013

Used these for simulated instrument flight today ! They worked great. Bought them to take with me to my Private Pilot checkride

Michael J
October 23, 2020

I bought these because recently, I have started to need reading glasses in the plane and I am restarting my instrument training. Its a good thing I actually took the time to sit in the plane with these on before I tried to use them in a lesson. Instead of saving me a lot of headache trying to deal with reading glasses and foggles, I just wasted $30. I expected the bifocal portion of the glasses to be the size of the entire clear portion of the lens, or at least close to it. Unfortunately, its not. the bifocal portion is only about the bottom half of the clear portion. This was great for looking at my kneeboard, but was no help for trying to read instruments or buttons on my GPS. In fact, in order for these to really help me see things I need to seek clearly, I had to push them soo far up on my face that I could see right out the windscreen.

Jason P
November 11, 2020

They were comfortable but did not sufficiently prohibit my view outside the cockpit which makes them useless

James K
April 3, 2020

The glasses are of good quality, and are packaged nicely, but the optical quality of the 1.5 reader inserts is terrible everything is double-visioned, almost as if one of the lenses is out of alignment with the other... it gets better if the glasses are flattened out but that defeats the purpose of the wrap-around. Considering returning them after the Christmas holidays.

Frank G
December 10, 2017


Q: For the two tinted Old Foggies IFR Training Glasses, what's the difference between MFog and SFog?

The glasses with "M" have a light tint while the glasses with "S" have a tint similar to sunglasses.

Q: Does the Clear Lens Fog model still have the black color for the blocked area with a clear viewing window?

No, these are fogged out clear above the viewing area, and then see through clear in the viewing area.

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