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Part# 12-07100-3
MFR Model# 4595


These rivet sets are used for back riveting flush rivets on RV control surfaces and other homebuilts. The spring loaded pressure holds the rivet firmly against the skin surface when flush riveting. These tools are also used to "back rivet" the rivet shank when the rivet head surface is inaccessable. Features a plastic sleeve to hold multiple sheets of aluminum together while riveting. 0.401 shank.
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Works great and was just what I needed for back riveting.

Greg R
February 1, 2021

I purchased this rivet set because the original one I bought from another company had too thick of a sleeve, which made it unusable for the wing stiffeners I needed to rivet. Aircraft Spruces back rivet set features a thinner sleeve, and consequently, a larger surface area for the set itself, which is perfect.

Mike C
September 18, 2020

One of the best tools I ever purchased! Keeps panel to panel TIGHT, plus creates a very uniform and nice looking rivet when you're done. Only gripe? I wish they made many lengths and offsets so I could use it in difficult places to reach. MUCH better result than a flush head on the gun and ANY bucking bar. Can I rate it SIX Stars?

Lawrence G
October 18, 2014

I used it appx. 50 times and the pins came out of it.

Terry P
October 11, 2018


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Q: Im building an RV practice kit, and the ribs are small, so I need a set with a THIN sleeve. Whats the width of this ones sleeve?

The sleeve OD is 3/4".

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