ATS Hand Rivet Squeezer

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Part# 12-01620


The ATS Pro Rivet Squeezer Line is made with an stainless steel design thatís constructed to last a lifetime. The unique unibody styling is drop forged for extra strengh and CNC machined to tight tolerances. The yoke (also stainless steel) is engineered to be half the weight of other yokes, yet retain full strengh. Finally, the ATS Pro Rivet Squeezer is finished in a brush satin look and highly polished surfaces. Has a very solid feel and professional look that will complement anyone's toobox. Squeezes up to 5/32" aluminum (1/8" seel) rivets. Works with any rivet sets, or diple dies having a 3/16" (.187") shank. Adjustable ram does not need shims. Lifetime warranty.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • 1.5" Yoke
  • Drop forged from Stainless Steel for unmatched strength and durability
  • Classic bushed stainless steel finish.
  • Adjustable ram does not need shims
  • Squeezes aluminum rivets up to 5/32" and steel rivets up to 1/8"
  • Comfort grip rubber handles
  • 4lbs shipping weight.


After this item apparently went missing while in transit, AS followed up on my inquiry and delivered a replacement. Solid customer service, appreciate all they do in these challenging times for GA.

Lawrence R Verified Purchase


April 11, 2023

No Instructions included on how to adjust the squeezer. Finally figured it out, but it would have been more helpful. Once it was properly adjusted, the squeezer worked perfectly.

Brian F Verified Purchase


December 18, 2022

Works great. Good quality materials and finish. I assume it’s made in USA.

Patricia M Verified Purchase


December 1, 2021

Really nice quality

Kenneth T
December 12, 2020

nice tool

David B
October 28, 2018

Nice design & good quality stainless. Locking mechanism for handles makes it very compact for storage. Easy to adjust gap for rivet lengths and good feel for rivet installation.

Eugene S
November 6, 2014


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Q: Does part # 12-01620 come with yoke and if so, what size?

This ATS Hand Rivet Squeezer, P/N 12-01620, comes with a 1-1/2" yoke.

Q: Will your econ yokes fit this ATS hand rivet squeezer? If not, what 2 in. yoke will?

The econ yokes would not fit P/N# 12-01620 because they are not the same design. You can use P/N# 12-00310 if you would like to go with a 2" yoke or P/N# 12-00320 if you would like to go with a 3" yoke.

Q: Does the ATS hand rivet squeezer come with dies for squeezing flat rivets? Or any dies at all? If not, which ones would fit?

This does not come with any dies. We do offer an assortment set of dies which is Part # 12-03673.

Q: Just bought this ATS hand rivet squeezer. How do you adjust the stroke?

You would adjust the stroke by spinning the part where it holds the die in place.

Q: Will this squeeze 1.5" rivets?

No, it will not squeeze 1.5" long rivets.

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