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The “Easy Exit Bar” a specialty accessory, developed specifically for use in the RV-A models.

The product is installed by the handles on the roll bar to help leverage. Then, a console between the seats to push on the bar is installed.

As people get older, getting in and out of the aircraft seems more difficult all the time. When you try to use your feet, you wind up stuffing the carpeting down under the rudder pedals, causing more work and frustration. Not the case with “Easy Exit Bar”.

With this current design being the all-around top performer. This one accessory can really save the day, and ease wear and tear on the body when exiting and entering the cockpit. The legs are considerably stronger than you’re arms, and are accustomed to lifting one’s body weight as well.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


All that is required to use the “Easy Exit Bar” is:
  • Pull your feet back from the rudder pedals
  • Rest you’re heels against the bar
  • Push with both legs


The product is constructed of:
  • Heat-treated, aircraft grade aluminum tube with laser cut counter bored endplates
  • The endplates are de-burred, to eliminate sharp edges, and install between the main gear leg weldments (only two nuts)
  • It is small, inexpensive, light in weight at only 12 oz. while still very strong (tested to 650 lb.)


The bar location is in the perfect spot to provide:
  • Effortless/ Easy Exit
  • Speedy Exit
  • Little Effort


Don G Verified Purchase


September 20, 2022

An excellent accessory for improved accessibility for your RV. Makes entry and exit much much easier.

Dan B
September 11, 2022

My thanks to Anti-Splat Aero for developing the easy exit bar. This product was very easy to install and resolved the difficulty I had exiting my RV7-A. I was thinking about selling my RV due to the arthritis pain in my shoulder while exiting. The easy exit bar solved that problem. I look forward to many more years flying my RV7-A. Also my thanks to Aircraft Spruce for their excellent service and bringing this product to my attention.

Bayne J
October 29, 2020

I have one of these in my RV-6A and I love it. It makes getting in and out of the airplane so easy. My wife wonders why this isnt a factory part. It installs easy and does not decrease the space in the foot well. One of the best mods I have done since buying my airplane.

Gene M
September 23, 2020

Does not work on aircraft that have the fuel pump mounted on the floor, ahead of the selector valve.

Steve S
September 24, 2020


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