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Part# 13-17400
MFR Model# 2416


This extremely simple and sensitive tool uses the plum-bob and bevel principle to balance props both vertically and horizontally. It can be carried in a small tool box for easy use in the field and balances props accurately for smooth operation. The precision machined hub works with any prop designed with standard 1" center hole. Illustrated instructions included.


I havent had a chance to use the balancer yet but the product arrived very fast and was exactly the way it was described.

David H
August 3, 2020

I first used the Buzz Master in school to statically balance props and found it simple and easy to use. Actually, I found it a little too sensitive in the beginning but became more adapted at using it the more props I balanced. I now use the Buzz Master as a part of my prop balancing service. If the ips readings from my dynamic prop balance set are to too high to start with, I know I will need to begin the process by using the Buzz Master to statically balance the prop. An economical, simple but sensitive tool.

Jeffrey F
June 15, 2019

Good concept, But cheaply made -- String breaks with the slightest weight on the buzz master. Must be restrung through the slug--not an easy fix !

Marshall B
April 27, 2020

Im sorry to have to write this,... I was looking forward to getting My Prop balanced as soon as I could,... first of all, I have a rather Lite Prop ( Powerfin) ... and when I suspended it from the Buzz Balancer,... about a Minute of hanging the string broke,... so I tied it back,... and tried it again... about 3 mins later it broke again...Probably a weak string on this unit...??? I wasnt Mad or anything,... I heard You would make it right... but I just thought Let the buyer beware ... No hard feelings...

Geo. P
September 22, 2018


Q: What is the diameter of that aluminum cylinder?

The diameter of the cylinder is approximately 1".

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