Cessna Style Tail Skid

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Part# 13-17010
MFR Model# M883000


This easy-to-install tail skid is designed to save the tail cone on most single-engine Cessnas. Just remove the existing tail tie down ring and reinstall both on aircraft. 6-1/4"L. Stainless steel.

Tail Skid Fits Cessna: 150, 172, 182 style aircraft.
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Easy to install, does the job of protecting tie down ring.

April 4, 2021

Looks like the perfect solution to protect that tie down ring. A good value for the cost.

Boyd J
October 21, 2020

We install these on all of our customers airplanes. Our Cessna 150 has one. Well worth not tearing your tie down ring off and causing bulkhead damage.

Sunset E
June 5, 2020

Installed this on a Cardinal as my son is using the plane for flight training. The tie down ring bolt was too short to re-install, so I used a straight bolt and a few washers to install it. Fits great and will prevent a tail strike as the spring steel hits the ground prior to the tailcone.

Jason I
March 5, 2020

Just what I needed for my planes. Tired of seeing the tiedown ring worn away because instructors want students to keep the nose up. Kinda tight, but a bit of rolling works great.

Cris A
January 15, 2018

Nicely made, hole was too big for my eyelet, needed a washer and the radius was too small to fit around the eyelet. Bent it the way it needed to be and put a washer on it and works good.

Steven U
June 9, 2017


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Q: How much does this Cessna style tail skid weigh?

The weight is approximately 0.43 lbs.

Q: Are the dimensions about 1" x 6" made of 3/16 thick?

Yes, that is correct. It is roughly 1" x 6", thickness 3/16.

Q: Is this FAA approved and is there any paperwork included?

Per the manufacturer: This is not FAA approved and there is no paperwork included.

Q: We are operating Cessna 172 S as pilot training school and we are interested to install this tail skid, do you have any approved doc for installing this tail skid?

This item is not FAA approved for certified aircraft, it would require a 337 to install it on your aircraft.

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