Silicone Anti-Chafe Seal 1"

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Part# 05-06916
MFR Model# GB56-032-1


Anti-Chafe Seal AMS3303-.032. Silicone, Black, 1" wide x 15' long.

  • Silicone Anti-Chafe Material: Mooney and Early Cessna Models
    Piper: Malibu and Mirage
  • Replaces the use of Teflon™ Tape
  • Reduces vibration on the cowling, reduces wear on the contact surfaces
  • Seals the aircraft cowl from rain and water
  • Can also be used for fuel straps
  • Silicone cement must be used to install silicone based seals
Product is not FAA/PMA approved. Please consult your A&P/IA for guidance regarding installation and use on certified aircraft.
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Itps C Verified Purchase


June 14, 2021

Good material and was easy to glue in place with 3-M upholstery cement.

Lester D
September 4, 2018


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Q: SILICONE ANTI-CHAFE SEAL 1'' Part # 05-06916 How do you adhere this anti-chafe tape to aircraft? Is the tape pre-glued?

The tape does not have any adhesive on it. Silicone adhesive is required. A 2 oz bottle is part number 05-00996.

Q: I was unable to locate the sealant you recommended (05-00996). Do you have another suggestion?

Yes, 05-00996 is no longer available. The replacement product is 05-13310.

Q: How many feet of silicone anti-chafe seal are in the roll?

This is sold in a 15 foot roll.

Q: Whats the thickness, 0.032?

Yes, thickness is 0.032.

Q: Does this have the fiberglass reinforcement?

No, it does not.

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