Duc Flash / Flash-R / Flash-2 Inconel Replacement Blades

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The Flash, Flash-R & Flash-2 propeller has an aerodynamic design that allows a "constant speed" effect, limiting variations in engine speed between on ground and in flight.

These propellers allow for high efficiency throughout the flight envelope
    Improved takeoff and climb rate due to higher engine speed, then higher engine efficiency
    The blades are manufactured according the DUC Hélices company technologies, from unidirectional layers of carbon fibers prepreg epoxy resin.

    Their composite structures are defined to obtain the maximum stresses in torsion and bending. Therefore "constant speed" effect is not related to deformation of the blade but its geometry and specific profile.

    Due to its specific geometric definition, excellent performance is obtained in both aerodynamic and acoustic, but also in consumption.
Shielding leading edge in Inconel
    The leading edge of the FLASH blades is equipped with a metallic shielding in Inconel®. This material is refractory stainless with a very high hardness of surface.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



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Q: What is the difference between the Flash, Flash-2 and (new) Flash-3 propellers blades? Why would I choose one over the other?

Per Duc: The difference between the FLASH and the FLASH-3 is the diameter of the cord which is larger on the FLASH-3. The FLASH-2 is a pusher and has the same chord as the FLASH I guess it would depend on what engine and aircraft the customer has in order for us to make a recommendation.