Flap Handle

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Part# 11-11337


This flap handle is a well built, durable, and cost effective alternative to the plain round standard flap toggle switch that exists in most experimental aircraft. This unit is easily installed over the existing toggle switch with the included set screws. This unit is powder coated for a long lasting, durable finish.

Note: This is the Flap Handle Only
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David N Verified Purchase


March 12, 2022

Bought this for my RV7A, as others have said this is not plastic and is a single piece ( not two sides screwed together) of powder coated metal. Should last forever Slid over existing toggle switch perfectly. When installing, tighten one side until it touches toggle, then the other, then fully tighten both sides to ensure its secure and even. Does not slip or turn at all. Makes touch and goes much safer as flaps are much easier to find and use without having to look. Best $40 Ive spent in a while.

Kevin D Verified Purchase


December 21, 2021


Gordon D Verified Purchase


September 23, 2021

Well made, easy to install, works perfectly as advertised. Verify that you have the correct size hex key or Allen key to install to avoid a second trip to the airport... -)

Guy O Verified Purchase


July 30, 2021

Great as usual

Bill S
April 13, 2021

Slightly over priced but functions perfectly. I even talked my neighbor into getting one for his plane too. All I had before was the normal toggle switch which is very slippery and I can only imagine will be hard to operate in anything other than perfect flying weather. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that has a toggle switch for their flaps.

Jacob B
February 10, 2021

Well made, should work well in my RV 4

February 9, 2021

Excellent product I highly recommend to all builders/ owners. Genuinely great design, machining, and finish.

December 28, 2020

Nice product, well made and fit perfectly

Joel V
June 6, 2020

Love this product. Very well made and high quality. It doesnt come with the switch, but fits a standard size toggle. There are many switches to choose from.... IE momentary versus not, so this product couldnt come with a switch. However, it sure makes a nice addition to the panel.

May 27, 2020


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Q: What are the dimensions /diameter of the mounting hole for the flap handle?

The flap handle mounting hole diameter is about .245 in diameter to fit a standard size toggle.

Q: What is the width of the flap handle? I want to surround it with aluminium channel. Thanks

3/4 inch width.

Q: Will this flap handle work over a toggle switch that is free to rotate?

It would fit but it would rotate with the switch.

Q: For panel space consideration, I need either a vertically oriented anti-rotation plate, or a SPDT momentary toggle switch with non-rotating handle. Do you offer a switch with non-rotating handle?

This part is just the non-rotating handle that can be added to a traditional toggle switch.

Q: You sell a Flap handle and anti-rotation combo (part 11-11338) which keeps this handle from rotating when installed on a flap toggle switch with a rotating handle. However, part 11-11338 is made to be mounted horizontally which wont work for me. Does ACS sell a spdt momentary flap switch that doesnt rotate to solve the rotation issue without the part 11-11338 anti rotation plate?

We do not have anything that matches this spec.

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