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Sump, Inspect, Collect, and Safely Pour Back fuel samples.

The MultiSump+™ includes a fuel strainer! A micro-mesh stainless steel screen keep impurities and water from entering the fuel tank during pour back. In addition the MultiSump+™ allows the pilot to sample and individually inspect fuel from each sump while a quick dump feature transfers fuel to the lower catch can thus eliminating emptying the tester after each sump.


I really like this fuel tester. My C210 has four sump drains, and I like being able to sump all of them at once without dumping.

Jason V Verified Purchase


September 7, 2021

Perfect! Exactly as described.

David J
October 3, 2020

So far Im very impressed with this fuel tester.

John B
August 21, 2020

Great product to save fuel in my 414 with 6 bleeders. It helps the environment Insted to drop the fuel to the ground. Very fast delivery, super service.

Sergio G
July 24, 2020

This fuel tester works great for sumping multiple tank drains. Worth the money.

Dana K
January 24, 2019

Have had one for my Cirrus for sometime. I ordered this one for a friend of mine for his plane. Easy to use and love the micro strainer on the bottom. You just have to make sure it is secure. Someone lost the one on my plane and I had to order a new strainer.

July 9, 2018

This is a very nice way to check the fuel. Easy to use.

Dan M
May 8, 2018

Replacing sampler I lost. This is the same one I had and has been excellent to sampler all sumps on my Skylane RG. Excellent product although I wish it had come with a srorage sack like the 1st I had .

August 25, 2017

Very nice quality. Will 11 drains on my 206 this makes the job simple and clean.

Matt S
July 22, 2017

I returned the item. I did not use. It is small and I thought it would be difficult to clean out any contamination and if you had any in any of the sumps it would ruin the whole sample. The filter is also very small.

January 26, 2021


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Q: Does buying this include the multisump fuel strainer? Or do I have to buy that separately?

Everything is included as pictured.

Q: Does this Multisump+ drainer work with jet fuel?

Yes, it will work with jet fuel.

Q: Does the strainer on the Multisump+ need replacement often? If so, how often?

The fuel strainer only needs to be replaced if there are large holes where contaminants can fall through.

Q: Cannot determine capacity of strainer. Can anyone provide that information?

The sample cup holds 1.6 oz and the catch can holds 7.8 oz.

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