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The incredible new GATS Jar allows a pilot to pour the fuel used in the preflight check back into the fuel tank without fear of water contamination. The jar uses a special separator screen that, when coated with avgas, forms a barrier to water and debris, yet allows passage of avgas. The GATS Jar also detects jet fuel in the event of inadvertent fueling of your aircraft with jet fuel. By using the GATS Jar, pilots can help protect the environment by pouring sample fuel back into the tank instead of on the ground.


By far the best Fuel sampler I’ve ever owned or used.

Chris F
November 1, 2019

Great product

September 24, 2019

Exactly what I needed. Great product.

August 25, 2019

These fuel-testers work really well and save you throwing the sample away. Good for the environment, good for your wallet too! Highly recommended!

January 29, 2018

Awesome product: no fuel on hands, easy to collect large sample, and great filter. I purchased another for the hangar as a spare!

December 14, 2017

Very fast delivery from Spruce Aircraft for the Gats fuel sampler. Well made, easy to use and pleased to no longer be pouring avgas on the ground.

December 4, 2017

Nick J
November 30, 2017

I decided to try this gats jar so I could reduce my fuel wastage and I am happy to say that I works just as advertized with straining the fuel. I havent had any water in my fuel to try that part out but am confident that will work as well.

October 28, 2017

Keep on in each plane that I fly regularly. RV6, C421 & C441

Joseph D
July 10, 2017

No mess, and allows you to easily see fuel color and contamination, if it is present.

May 8, 2017


Q: Will this Gats jar work with Jet A?

Per the supplier: yes, it will.

Q: Is the 16 oz. GATS jar taller or larger diameter than the 12 oz. version?

It is the same size diameter, only taller.

Q: Does the GATS Jar come with the sump actuator or must I purchase one separately?

Yes, the GATS jar fuel sampler comes with the actuator. We do offer them separately as well in case the original gets lost or damaged.

Q: The Gats jar fuel sampler says it detects Jet A in Avgas, how does it do that?

The GATS Jar Fuel Tester uses the difference in the rate of evaporation between AVGAS and Heavier than AVGAS fuels to test for Jet fuel as a contaminant. The process is quick, simple, and once mastered is quite reliable. Immediately after the samples have been collected and examined and while the screen is still covered in fuel, blow gently and indirectly on the screen with your mouth from at least a foot away and observe the evaporation of the AVGAS from between the strands of the mesh. The AVGAS will evaporate quickly and continuously until it is gone from all but a few screen cells. If there is Jet fuel or another heavier than AVGAS fuel present a delay will be observed in the overall evaporation of the fuel clinging to the screen with a significant number of screen cells still containing fuel after the initial surge of evaporation. After a short interlude the remaining cells will begin to clear of fuel as the gentle air flow of breath over the mesh continues. This is the contaminating fuel evaporating from a slightly elevated temperature. The two different rates of evaporation is somewhat subtle and care must be taken not to overwhelm the process by blowing too hard on the screen. Once mastered, one should be able to detect Jet fuel contamination to as little as 5%.

Q: Are replacement gaskets available for the GATS Jar fuel sampler or must I buy a whole new jar?

In case of O-ring failure, if you contact the manufacturer by phone, email, or fax they will issue a no-cost replacement to you.

Q: I have a Columbia 300 which has a flush drain design that requires a 3/16 or 1/8 pin be shoved up into the assy to drain fuel. Does the gats have that pin? It is hard to see in the pictures

Yes, the Gats jar will have the pin to get a fuel sample from the drain valve.

Q: Running a jet that uses diesel and 2% turbine oil. Will the GATS jar fuel sampler still work to separate water with this fuel?

Per the manufacturer, yes, this will work.

Q: What does GATS stand for?

Per the manufacturer: The name is an anagram that initially meant Gas Analysis Test Separator. However, it works with all purely petroleum fuels including jet fuel and diesel fuel, so I could have called it the FATS tester but I thought GATS was better.

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