AirLite Pro Digital Aircraft Radio Receiver

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Part# 11-19346
MFR Model# RLDRP-22


A radio that offers more than any other in the same class. AirLite Pro is a full featured aircraft radio scanner and Ham Transceiver, with groundbreaking new features. The AirLite Pro receives all aircraft channels between 118 and 137 mhz. Standard US spacing of 25khz is supported. Significantly, this new product also provides simultaneous reception on two different frequencies, allowing a listener to monitor frequencies such as tower and ground at the same time. We call this feature “Dual ReceptionTM.”


  • Dual Reception – monitor two channels
  • Ham VHF / UHF Tx/Rx (1)
  • Storable Channel Memory Locations – allows scanning of the user’s preselected list of frequencies
  • Support for Euro Channel Spacing
  • FM Radio, for leisure listening
  • NOAA Weather Channels
  • VOR Rx (Voice) support for 108 – 118 Mhz (2)


  • Dual Reception (two independent frequencies simultaneously monitored)
  • 118 – 136 Mhz Aircraft Receive (does not transmit)
  • 108 – 118 Mhz Aircraft Receive (to support VOR audio) (does not transmit)
  • 136 – 174 Mhz (Rx / Tx) (Ham radio, NOAA, Marine)
  • 220 – 260 Mhz (Rx / Tx) (Ham radio)
  • 350 – 390 Mhz (Rx / Tx) (Ham radio)
  • 400 – 520 Mhz (Rx / Tx) (Ham radio)
  • Frequency Mode (direct frequency entry)
  • Channel Mode (rotate through pre-stored channels)
  • FM Radio
  • Frequency Step: 2.5K / 5K / 6.25K / 10K / 12.5K / 20K / 25K / 50K
  • Direct Frequency Input via numerical pad
  • Programming via Computer Application
  • Automatic Backlight
  • Various Scanning modes are supported: via Time / Carrier / Search
  • 256 Memory channels
  • Speaker
  • Adjustable Squelch
  • Sensitive operation
  • When used as a receiver, runs all day on a single charge

In The Box

  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Desk charging stand (4 Hour Charge Time)
  • Earbud for listening privately
  • USB programming cable


Good radio, I use as ham transceiver as well as aircraft monitor. No issue using the enclosed cd software and cable. The actual radio I received looks nice, has the Radiant Technology branding on the front top. I’d attach a pic but unable on this site.

Thomas G
November 22, 2022

This is a fun little radio that seems to work as advertised. I use it for VHF communication on our farm, as well as monitoring local air traffic. My main complaint is that the large screen face is not overly robust, and received a small crack shortly after I started using it, not sure how it happened. I also have not had success with the programming software, but thats not a biggie to me.

November 18, 2022

Robert B Verified Purchase


November 29, 2022


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Q: The European channel spacing is 8.33kHz, but this doesnt appear in the list of frequency steps? However, one of the features listed is Support for Euro Channel Spacing

Per Airlite: "The direct entry of frequencies is in 500 hertz steps; enter the frequency closest to the required euro frequency. It will be off by about 160 or 320 hertz; but the way AM demodulation works, will still work fine. This is a bit of a hack but it does work."