Pilot USA Digital Audio Recorder Adapter - Dual GA Headset

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Part# 11-10486


This product allows you to interface your Digital Audio/Video Recorder with the aircraft intercom system. Great for creating your own aerial videos without excess cabin noise. Works with devices that use a 3.5mm Stereo External Mic Input like GoPro HD Video Cameras and Digital Voice Recorders.

Note: For GoPro Hero 3 with mini USB plug, please use part number 11-11565.
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Well made and well priced. Works properly with my digital recording device.

David B Verified Purchase


November 10, 2021

Works great with my H1 audio recorder, I really recommend it. Id leave one star out because iI find it a bit expensive for what it does.

Enric M Verified Purchase


September 7, 2021

Works great in the plane Im training in, PA-28-181 with a DC headset recording on a Sony digital recorder.

September 16, 2020

Works like a charm.

Andew J
July 29, 2018

Works great. Quality build.

Christopher P
October 9, 2017


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Q: What is the length of 11-10486 PA-80S/Digital cable?

The cable is 2-1/2 feet long but as it has a coil cable it can stretch out to 4 feet.

Q: Will this record to iPhone or iPad?

No, to record for the iPhone or iPad use 11-10531 which is the PA-80S/IPHONE.

Q: Does this match the impedance to a regular microphone on a video recorder?

We carry three types of recording cables: iPad/iPhone, digital, and non-digital. This recording cable is intended for a digital recorder and its microphone.

Q: Do you have a specifications sheet on the PA-80S-D cable?

We do not have spec sheets for our adapters as the PA-80S-Digital is made for recording audio on digital cameras (like the GoPro) and digital recorders.

Q: Will this cable work with the Sony HDR-AS15 action camera?

If this camera needs a 3.5mm jack input, yes it will work and record audio through the headset.

Q: Does the Pilot Usa Digital Audio Recorder Adapter - Dual Ga Headset work with my LG G-PRO?

To record to modern day smartphones, the Pilot Usa Iphone/smartphone Digital Audio Recorder For GA (dual Plug) Headset Part# 11-10531 is what you would need.

Q: Will the Pilot USA digital audio recorder adapter for dual GA headsets work correctly with my action camera, Midland XTC400? It has a 3.5mm external microphone jack.

The Pilot USA Digital Audio Recorder Adapter for dual GA headsets was designed to work with devices that use a 3.5mm Stereo External Mic Input.

Q: Will this reduce audio quality over the radio while flying?

No, audio quality is not affected by the audio recorder (11-10486).

Q: Can I plug this into the back seat intercom plugs and still get all radio communication?

As long as the back seat hears all transmissions, then yes, you can record from the back seat plugs. Whatever recording device you use should records everything heard on the headset.

Q: I want to record voice in the fixed-wing GA plugs which are female connectors. How I can use my headset and use your adapter to connect to the fixed wing? A diagram is much applicated. Richard

The male microphone plug on your headset will connect to this adapter, then this adapter will plug into the aircraft female jack. The additional 3.5mm plug will go into the recording device.

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